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Remember when you were a kid and you got a new box of crayons? You’d open them up and smell their waxy smell and the possibilities felt absolutely endless.  You could do anything with those colours.  Make anything. Rainbows, unicorns or flying pigs even.  Some how, that endless enthusiasm for colour changed as we grew and choosing paint for our walls became stressful.  Colour no longer felt fun.

This is not right.  Colour should still be fun.  It should still help us feel possibilities not limits.



For the next four weeks I’ll be hanging out at Home Depot stores on behalf of CIL Paint and I’ll be there to help you find a paint colour you’ll love!  I’m so excited about this and I hope you’ll come down to see me.  I’ll have my real-deal CIL paint chip fan deck with me.  I’ll bring my DIY experience and colour loving eye and offer you advice or just a shoulder to lean on.

I’ll be all over Calgary in the next few weeks.  You’ll catch me Thursday evenings from 6pm – 8pm:

Thursday Aug 28th – Marlborough Home Depot

– 343 36th ST NE

Thursday Sept 4th – Chinook Home Depot

– 6500 MacLeod Tr SW

Thursday Sept 11th – Country Hills Home Depot

– 388 Country Hills Blvd

Thursday Sept 18th – North Hills Home Depot

– 1818 16th Ave NW

IMG_20140814_145436 (1)

If you do come down, I’d love to help you pick a paint colour for a project or room.  It can be helpful if you bring something that goes in the space like a throw cushion or wall paper sample or tile.  But don’t sweat it, really – just come see me and we’ll work through it.  A CIL Paint expert will also be there to help with technical questions like how much paint you’ll need to cover the space, or which sheen you should pick.

I can’t wait to see what you’re getting up to!  Let’s pick a colour to get you on your way towards DIY success!

Don’t forget you can tweet me photos of your space too.  See you soon!



  1. So fun! I’ll have to come see you. Now will you come to my house and use the paint you pick out? Because I am AWESOME at picking out paint that sits in the closet at home waiting for an elf to put it on the walls.

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