Take me to your Litre – Free Printable

I don’t know what kind of week you’ve had.  But my week?  Well…..it’s been a little rough.  Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary – just long hot days with rambunctious children.  Add in more than one quick turnaround deadline and a husband who hasn’t been home before 7pm all week and we’re all a little on edge.  I figured I should lighten things up a little and maybe toast to having survived it all.  These mechanical cork screws with moving arms always make me laugh because they look like people exercising or exclaiming “Yay!  We made it to Wine O’clock!” and so I made this for you, to share, to print and to smile at if you catch it from the corner of your eye on a bleak Tuesday afternoon.  Cheers!

Free Printable from hometoheather.com

To print: Printables are free! I ask that you register for a user account prior to downloading this. It’s free and I don’t use that info for anything – you won’t get any emails unless you want them and tick the check box. This just allows for a bit of security as downloads are high resolution and I’d hate to see them on a t-shirt somewhere! It’s simple and easy to access just CLICK HERE.

Tack it up on a cork board.  Tuck it into a frame.  Stick it to the fridge.  It’s up to you. This file is free to you for personal use because I appreciate that you stop by now and then. Enjoy.



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