Real Superheros are Born Through Conversation


by Sarah Brazeau

What do I want my kids to be when they grow up? Do I hope that they will be doctors, play professional sports, become teachers? Not necessarily. I do hope that they will grow up to do whatever makes them happy…and that they will be superheroes! Superheroes, not like Batman or Superman, but real everyday superheroes that go above and beyond for their friends, family and complete strangers.

My parents set a great example for me, my Dad was a volunteer firefighter, my Mom volunteered to lead our Brownie group and they were always willing to help out, whatever the need may be.We try to set the same example for our kids. We all volunteer, and make an effort to volunteer with our kids. From a young age they have raised money for charities that were important to them and donated their time to help others. If they continue to do this into their adulthood I will consider myself a success!

We also look for other ways to instill confidence in our kids including in the toys they play with. It’s easier to find confident characters in the “boy” section of the store and in my house full of boys and super heros, my little girl gets caught in the middle. She loves her pink frills and pretty princesses but she also like to play superheros with her big brothers. The Barbie in Princess Power Super Sparkle Doll seemed like it was made for her!

She loves the fact that she can make Barbie a princess and then in the push of a button Barbie is a super hero ready to “zoom” through the sky! But her favourite part of the Barbie in Princess Power line was the shirt with an attached cape. It seemed to give her super powers and she “zoomed” everywhere we went!

I look forward to teaching her more about being a real super hero as she gets older, but for now Barbie being a super hero is a fun way to start some great conversations!

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Sarah Brazeau is a Calgary mom of four who still manages to find time to put her epic baking skills to good use for Made by Momma.



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