Calgary Profile: Willow Park Village

It’s not often that I have a day like the day I spent at Willow Park Village. That morning I picked up a Mercedes to test drive for an unrelated assignment. It set the tone for what was to come and so I settled into luxury and headed out to the shopping center. It’s located at #102-10816 Macleod Trail South Calgary and it surprised me with the amount of parking available. I had no trouble finding a space and even later in the afternoon when the center was quite busy, there was still lots of space.

skoah willow park village

My first stop was at Skoah for what they call their double dose treatment. For under $100 you get a 45 min facial AND foot scrub. They massage your shoulders and scalp, rub the dry skin off your feet then massage them with moisturizer and provide a multipurpose facial too. I walked out of there relaxed and pampered with gleaming fresh skin. They even applied foundation and lip gloss afterwards so I was ready to meet my friends for lunch at Broken Plate.

lovely friendsIf you’ve never tried Greek food before, or if you’re not sure whether or not you’ll like it then do stop in at Broken Plate. Greek food is fresh and flavorful with lemon, oregano, and garlic flavors peeking through. It’s upscale but not pretentious and all about family dining as celebration. Boy, did my beautiful friends and I celebrate the day!


We started with their saganaki which is simpler than the name sounds. It’s basically flambéed cheese and they light it table side for high drama. I was so excited to get at it that I didn’t catch a photo of it on fire! It was amazing and we all shared – it disappeared quickly.  Next I had a golden beet salad with figs and goat cheese and spanakopita (spinach and cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry) and both were really, really good. I mean. Look. Food this beautiful can’t be bad.

broken plate willow park village

After lunch I said goodbye to my friends and I wandered around the village to see what I could see. I browsed through Home Treasures and More and admired all the pretty they had on display. I drooled over the kitchenware at The Compleat Cook and then I found myself at Fashion Addition 14+. What a fun store that is! They had an extensive selection of plus size clothing and it was all different than what you’d normally find in the other shopping centers.

fashion addition willow park plus size

I found a lovely Jones NY Dress on sale for only $80 so I snagged it and I will be back again as the seasons change for more. I also bought this pretty linen tunic that’s perfect for summer and will even work going into fall.

jones new york calgary willow park

As a mom, it’s not often that I take a day to pamper myself. It is rare that I focus on my own needs for hours at a time – that I visit friends, sit in a quiet spa or shop for clothing without kids hanging off of me. But I’m so glad I took the time to explore Willow Park Village and indulge. This was a day I’ll remember for a long time and I will head over to this area again – there was much more to explore than expected!

Before heading home I grabbed a sweet treat for my family from Crave Cupcakes. They enjoyed them for dessert and I settled back into my duties as mom once again. Bedtime kisses and all.



  1. I love Willow Park. I thought it was great in the 80s and it’s gotten better with age. I live downtown and for me, that is where it’s at, BUT… if I have to drive out of the core this is one of my favourite spots. Meez, Crave, Skoah, Willow Park Wines, that travel store (is it still there?), the cheese shop and fish monger. It’s got all the best bits so conveniently located.

  2. I love Willow Park Village – great liquor store (newly renovated!), awesome cheese and seafood vendors, good restaurants and some great shops. I’m lucky to live nearby and visit often, usually purchasing way too many things to indulge in!

  3. Such a fun day! I used to live in Willow Park and we went to the village often. I will have to check out Skoah because I’ve never been. I really need a facial!

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