How to Sell on VarageSale – the Dos and Don’ts list

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I’ve been using VarageSale for quite a while now both for buying and selling general household stuff. Okay, I treasure hunt there too and have found some really great pieces for c h e a p. If you are a regular reader then you’ve no doubt noticed me chattering on about it. I might be hooked. And I might have some advice for getting a quick sale too – at least, I know what attracts me as a buyer!

DO: Take a great photo.

I know, you might not be the best photographer out there and you might want to use your smartphone so you can post your item on VarageSale with the app. I know it’s just easier that way. But there are still some things you can do to make sure your photo, and subsequently, your item stands out.

  • Use great lighting – Place your item outside or near a window if possible.
  • Make sure the photo is in focus, take several so you can pick from the best one.
  • Stage the item if you can. Set dishes up on the table, place furniture in situ, or showcase the item in use – try clothing on a model or dress form for example.
  • Don’t be afraid to use multiple photos for showcasing the best features of your item – you can add additional images in the comments. Try close ups of drawer hardware, interior shots of cabinets and purses and different angles of pretty much everything.

DO: Give all the details

Let people know the dimensions of a piece of furniture. Let them know if it’s green but the photo looks more blue. Tell us if one of the drawers sticks. We want to know if it’s been painted or refinished. Divulge the age if you know it and the manufacturer too. If you have stipulations about the transaction share those too (IE if you can only meet someone on Tuesdays or if you can’t help someone load the item in their car)

  • Put your item in the correct category
  • List age
  • List condition
  • List manufacturer and features
  • List size and dimensions (you might need to measure)

DO: Price Well

Yes, I know you paid $1000 for that show home quality, rattan and leopard print settee and I’m sorry about that. I’m even sorrier that you bought two of them. But the reality is, that if anyone is going to get away with displaying them in their home without ridicule, those items are going to need a makeover and there is just a limit to how much someone is willing to invest in a second hand piece of furniture. Your potential buyer isn’t looking to break the bank, they’re looking for a deal. So if you want to rid yourself of that leopard clad mistake, then you’ll need to price accordingly.

  • Think about how much you would pay TODAY. Not how much you paid in the past.
  • Consider the condition of the piece. Can it be used as is? If not, reduce the price some more.
  • Be prepared to negotiate on price.
  • It’s better to over price just a titch and be willing to come down than to say “Pricing is FIRM.” Nobody likes to deal with an unreasonable person and if you price high and refuse to negotiate then you come across that way. Besides, every buyer likes to feel like they got a deal.

DO: Leave feedback

VarageSale is a community. The people buying and selling on VarageSale are a part of your in real life community. They are your neighbours, your teachers, your dentist or your cashier. Get to know them. Be an involved community member

  • Leave feedback for buyers and sellers you enjoyed interacting with
  • Respond to messages in a timely manner
  • Keep appointments for picking up or dropping off items
  • If you like a seller, follow them to see when they post new stuff!


  • Use the photo from the manufacturer’s website. We don’t need to see how it looked in perfect condition – we need to see how it looks now.
  • Forget to clean your item up. Go dust it off, give it a polish or run it through the washing machine.
  • Misrepresent your item. If it has damage, let people know.
  • Flake out. If you say you’re going to do something, do it.
  • Take advantage. It’s nice that the seller offered to deliver an item. Don’t ask them to assemble it or haul it up three flights of stairs.
  • Forget about spelling and grammar. It’s wrought iron, not rot iron. Please.





**This post is sponsored by VarageSale. All opinions remain my own.



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