Stop Complaining – Expect More

We hear so many stories about bad customer service. We hear the moaning and groaning over what colour a coffee company has made it’s paper cup. We complain a lot don’t you think? I’m not going to complain today because instead I have TWO stories of great customer service to share!

Winter is Coming


It’s true, I know nobody wants to hear about it but the fact of the matter is that the white stuff is on it’s way. My winter coat was down filled and after wearing it for three seasons, most of the down had puffed out into the world leaving me cold. It was time for a new one. I also needed some new clothing because I’m not much of a shopper and wear my clothing until it’s no longer fit for the public view (or more likely it ends up covered in paint. Let’s not try to kid ourselves right?) I knew I was going to need to drop some cash to get all that I needed.

Off I went to Additionelle in Beacon Hill here in Calgary. I filled my arms with things I grabbed from the racks and a nice lady named Karen took them from me and led me into a fitting area. In the past I was left to rot in there under the hot dressing room lights, but Karen made sure I had the right sizes and even suggested things I hadn’t thought of. So far, she was doing a great job even though she was basically just doing as a retail clerk should.

I found some items that I liked, including a coat, and got to the front till. I knew that my bill would be big but when she told me it was over $600 I literally thought she was joking. I laughed. WHAT? No, I didn’t have that many things! I was working on figuring out what I could put back when she asked me if I had any coupons from past promotions and whoo hoo I did! I’d forgotten about them, tucked into my wallet. She saved me about $100 and considering that my coat was over $250 (my old coat was only $80 and I had gotten three seasons out of it – I didn’t feel bad for splurging on the new one) the remaining amount was reasonable for what I was buying. Our story doesn’t end here though – I paid and was walking halfway across the parking lot to take my son to lunch when I heard her calling my name (she knew my name!) and there she was, chasing after me with more coupons. I’d earned more coupons towards future purchases and she wasn’t going to let me leave them behind. I’ll be back to spend them (and then some,) all thanks to Karen and her attention to detail. Thanks Karen! I love my new coat!

Is Anybody out There?

I know the digital trend is towards touch screen tablets but I need a serious laptop for serious blogging things. I can’t type quickly or Photoshop or have a gazillion tabs open to watch a gazillion cat videos on a tablet. My current laptop was coughing and sputtering and I needed to replace it asap. I had two hours to get this accomplished and I had to haul a kid along with me. Fun times right?  We went to three stores looking for a Toshiba because I loved their battery performance and price points. My son was melting down, I was getting tired of driving all over the city and I was running out of time so in desperation I tweeted. Dear Toshiba, where is my holy grail? Help me find it. Someone was listening – someone at London Drugs.

london drugs

I arrived at the computer department and the manager was there, he helped me nail down the right one for my needs and even gave me a discount on the display model. We were done and gone and it was painless.  Having someone respond to me on twitter like that saved me the hassle of getting on the phone and calling around to sit on hold.  I was pretty happy to be back up and running with time to spare.

Have you had any awesome customer service experiences lately? I’d love to hear about them!


Great customer service can be hard to find! I know I’ve grumbled and moaned about poor service in the past but now I’ve partnered with TELUS, a company obsessed with improving customer service, to share stories of companies across Canada that are showing us how we can all expect more. To learn more about TELUS and how they are putting customers first, check out



  1. Mine is a London Drugs story too! I went there to buy a printer – probably the cheapest one they sell. The gentleman who helped me at the till sold me coverage (anything breaks and they replace it for three years, $20). But – he took the time to show me the contract, and told me if I ever had a problem, to come see him. He told me his name and the hours and days that he works.

    All for the cheapest printer they sell! I was impressed.

    • That is an awesome story Katie! I’ve bought lots from their computer departments over the years and it’s always been a good experience.

  2. I got a mattress from Sears and for whatever reason, it just wasn’t working for me. I hated it. But Sears has a lengthy mattress satisfaction guarantee so even though the mattress was 3 months old, I was able to replace it with new one. I contacted them on Twitter about how to do it and they were really awesome throughout the process.

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