Let me tell you about my bra

Oy January. That month where you review the state of the world and you realize that your world could stand to get on the treadmill a little. My journey to health has been a saga. If you’ve been with me a while you might remember January of 2013. That was the year I decided that something had to happen. I had bra issues. I bought two sports bras then and they were tight but I kept on with them and worked out. I did great that year. I lost over 40 lbs. I gained a lot of muscle. I felt amazing. 2014 was more of the same. The weight loss evened out a bit but I kept what I’d lost off for the whole year. I still felt great and was making good choices. I was happy with my progress. Then 2015 happened.

Full Stop.

I’d been on medication for high blood pressure since after Nate was born. It was a low dose but every time I’d go in to the doctor’s office my pressure would be through the roof and so the dose crept up and up until I was on quite a bit of medication. And then I got sick. I didn’t even really realize what was happening. It was one of those things that you shrug off because you have to keep on keeping on. My skin was really dry. I had zero energy and I wasn’t just a little tired. I mean, I was falling asleep on the couch, shivering every afternoon. I could not stay conscious no matter how hard I tried. I was foggy headed and dizzy. My stomach was a mess and I had to eat gluten free to even slightly function day to day. Suffice it to say, I was not working out or looking after myself at this point. I was just trying to survive and be awake to look after my kids. I was eating really poorly because I just wanted easy food – I had no energy to stand in the kitchen and cook meals. Sugar? Yes. Caffeine? Yes. I needed every trick in the book to boost my energy even temporarily. All the weight came back, all the muscle dissipated.

Back to the doctor I went. My kidneys were losing protein. Not good. Really not good. We did all the tests and I was not celiac or having thyroid problems. My doc recommended a switch of meds – again at a fairly high dose. My pressure was still reading high. That had to be it.

This is NUTS, I thought. I was strong. I had lost weight. I had been eating really, really well. No processed foods, no sugar, no pop, no salt, no garbage for an entire two years – there was no reason that my blood pressure should have done this to me. I was only in my mid 30s! I just couldn’t believe that after all that good work I had done, I had gotten so sick because of high blood pressure. I had a feeling that my doctor didn’t believe me very much. I had a feeling that she was diagnosing me as ‘fat.’

I bought my own blood pressure monitor. I did readings morning, noon, afternoon and evening. It was low. I stopped taking my medication (I do not recommend you do this. This wasn’t very smart of me to do without a doctor’s help.) so I could get a real baseline of readings and know what was really going on.

Guess what? My blood pressure was high, yes. But it wasn’t as high as when I was in her office. I started taking the medication again. My readings were low. Really low. I was dizzy again. This was when I started messing with the dose (also not recommended. Don’t do what I did. I was sort of desperate to get to the bottom of things.) I found a dose that kept my readings in line. It was half of what she had prescribed. I went back to the doctor. We checked that my machine was accurate and it was – her reading was the same as my reading (again, really high in her office.) We cut the dose way back and I continued to do my own readings. I wore a portable blood pressure machine that measured my results for 24hours straight. Then we cut the dose back again. I have a feeling that I need to almost be off of these pills or maybe cut back again to the smallest dose available. I have a feeling that my kidneys aren’t handling them all that well (waiting on a blood test result to know for sure,) I’m not feeling all that good lately. I have so much weakness in my body. I feel weak and tired all the time.

It’s time to get back on the treadmill. It’s a major fight of will to make that happen.

I opened up my drawer to find those same two bras from years ago. The ones that had been well used even though they were too tight torture devices. Ugh. No.

Then sportsbras.ca sent me an Enell bra. This thing is going to change my life. Not just because I will have a functioning sports bra to keep things in control when I’m on the treadmill – but because look at this thing. This thing is FIERCE. I put it on and I feel like I’m going into battle, like I’m wearing armour. I feel like I can kick ass on anything or anyone. I need that mental uplift right now. I really, really need it.

Enell sports bra

And yes, that necklace is for your benefit because if I’m going to post a bathroom selfie in a bra then I’m going to keep it classy with beaded jewelry. Oh, and all the photo filters. All of em.

Thank you to Calgary based sportsbras.ca and owner Brigitte Lessard for doing what you do to help top heavy, plus sized women and athletes of all sizes to be comfortable and confident in their health journeys. I gave Brigitte my size and a bit of info via their efitting tool and she was able to send me a selection of suitable styles to choose from. I am so thrilled with this bra. I know it sounds silly, but a good bra makes a big difference. It’s really comfortable and doesn’t pinch or dig in anywhere. You definitely get less bounce for your buck! If you’re finding yourself in need of a good sports bra I recommend you click over and give her wares a gander. You can follow Bridgette on Facebook too.




**My opinions are my own. Thanks to sportsbras.ca for sponsoring and sending product to facilitate this post.



      • I must say that when I went on bp meds to assist in migraine relief I gained an enormous amount of weight, I couldn’t stop gaining. It was propanol and trimipramene (an anti-depressant) and it worked well as a migraine prevenative but as I said I kept gaining..(this was many years ago).I, also, reduced the dosage and now only take 1 of each at night and it is still doing the job. I also stopped gaining so much. I just wanted to mention this to you. Lately I’ve been sitting and being lazy far too much and of course gaining, but I’m trying to get out of my rut and I do so much better when exercising….btw I also where an Enell to the gym…but it’s the lite version which I really like.

        • That’s a hard choice to make – live with crippling head aches or gain weight! Ugh! Our bodies are cruel to us sometimes. Best of luck to you with everything.

  1. OOOOH. Off to check them out. I have gained weight. We know this. My old sports bra won’t even latch (because, let’s admit it, it was too small to begin with). Thank you! Oh and you don’t need the filters…none of them.

  2. Nice job sticking to your guns and getting to the bottom of your health issues!
    We had a big wake up call losing my father in law over Christmas – both my husband and I realized we are not putting our health very high in the priorities. Happy to say that is changing, and although it’s only been a week I already see a difference in my mood and energy levels.
    I was just complaining about my lack of a great sports bra so you know which site I’m heading to next!

    • Oh I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you can find a great bra and keep on with your plan! Good luck Nicole!

  3. You are right sometimes the things we put on our body make all the difference to give the kick of motivation to get moving again. love the bra!

    • It’s so true. If we don’t feel comfortable then nothing is going to help make working out a pleasant experience. This bra though, it feels like swat gear. For some reason, I like that!

  4. That is definately warrior material … Zena Warrior Princess style! As to your health …you have to be your biggest advocate these days. Doctors don’t seem to realize that there is a plethora of information on health matters out there and people won’t just sit back and “yes thank you for your time Doctor” as they write up prescription after prescription.

    Now … I’m going to go and check out that we site as it looks like fantastic stuff!

    • It has been really difficult to get this sorted out. I’m a big girl and I always have been. That alone doesn’t mean I’m not healthy. My readings must have been high because of anxiety (I get a good bit when I’m in the doctor’s office) and that wasn’t ever considered. I’m pretty upset that I was on medication that I obviously didn’t need to be on (at least not at that dosage.) FOR FIVE YEARS.

  5. Sorry to hear about the rough year but so thankful that you shared about this bra company! I’ve bookmarked their website on my phone so I can shop when I get on my computer! I hope this year brings you good health and energy!
    Oh, I just realized maybe I should go through your blog post when I go to shop? Is that an affiliate link?

  6. That is totally a kick-ass bra. And I think you rock – your awareness of your health, the actions you take to address it, and your post with you in a bra. Carry on, soldier! You can do it. (Maybe we need to revive our jumpstart group.)

  7. Wow Heather you really have been dealing with a lot…I admire you for being your own advocate and figuring out what is going on with your body. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. I really need to do more for myself too, including exercise so I also admire your commitment to get healthy…and with that ah-mazing bra you’ve got this!

    Love it! This could be a great campaign!!!!
    ‪#‎beFIERCE‬ ‪#‎LessBounceForYourBuck‬

    I simply love this bra! I love to wear, I love to sell it and I love the lady that invented it!
    Enjoy the bra Heather, and the workout!!!!

  9. I have had two of them for about 4 years. I must admit that I wear them mostly for treadmill work or exercise where the “girls” need to be contained a bit or my back, pecs, rib cage etc hurt for days afterwards. I find the bras confining (yes, I know that is the whole point) when I am working on flexibility but yes, you do feel like an armoured warrior in the bra. Now, when will they make a swimsuit that follows the same principles for exercising in the water?

  10. What a great story! I have two Enell sportsbra’s myself and use them every. single. day. I just found my fitness in September of 2015 and have been consistently losing weight, in a safe and manageable way. I have been re-educating myself on how to nourish my body properly and it is really showing in all facets of my life. I like knowing that people have been on the same journey as me and have taken similar steps. It makes me feel less alone. Here’s to the best over the shoulder boulder holder, and my new found fitness! (And to yours, I look forward to reading about your progress)

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