Big (but not really bad) News

You know how it is when your brain is on one page but your heart is on another? That’s where I am right now, trying to put the words together for this post. We’ve had this in the works for months now but didn’t want to pull the trigger here on the interwebs until things were signed and delivered. Nothing I try to write feels right. On one hand, I’m ready for adventure and a new chapter, and there really was only one choice to be made, but on the other hand…

Life right now is good. Our home is lovely. Our friends are perfect. The kids are healthy and happy and thriving. Day to day is pretty good except for one thing. That one thing is that for the last year and a half my husband has only been here on weekends. He has been working up north and we have been here. He has been in BC and we are in AB. We miss him. He misses us. It’s difficult to raise two young kids by myself. There isn’t much of myself left over for anything else. The kids need their Dad. I need him too. He has been living in a hotel room, eating microwaveable peas because he is so sick of restaurant food, carting his belongings around in a suitcase, working 12 hour days because he can’t just stare at the hotel room wall…he might as well work. We’re all done with this scenario. It’s time to end it.

fort st john bc

Myself and the kids will be moving to Fort. St. John, BC so that we can all be together. I want to be excited and I want to puke at the same time. There has never been a moment where I’ve been so conflicted in my life. We would not have chosen this if it weren’t for the current oil and gas climate in Alberta. We LOVE living in Cochrane, we love Calgary. But so many have lost their jobs and my husband is lucky to still be working. He is lucky that this move comes with a promotion. We are all lucky to even have a choice like this and when I see what is happening in Fort Mac with the fires I feel so terrible for even feeling conflicted in the first place.

This choice was so difficult to make. We have made up our minds and then changed our minds hundreds of times. I campaigned to opt out and run away to a winery in Argentina. I would much rather go there than to the depths of the Canadian North. Wine and sand sounds better than snow and well, snow. Oh God there is going to be so much snow! We aren’t exactly sure when we’ll be wheels up and on the road – mid summer I suppose. We want the kids to finish out the school year. We will have a bit of summer here and a bit of summer there. We want time to settle in before the next school year begins.

Right now, we are house hunting and this is a process and a HALF, let me tell you. We are so tired and we should get back to it so I’ll wrap up. This Alberta girl will be in BC before the end of the summer. I still have some fun content scheduled for the near future so I hope you’ll tune in for that and then it might be a bit quiet for a while. Then I’ll be back with a brand new (to me) home to show you. I hope you’ll join me for our Northern adventure!

For my friends in Calgary and area I will still do my best to post ticket giveaways, event info and the like as I have some folks who can help me. For my clients, I will be contacting you soon to discuss any impact this may have. Thanks for your patience 🙂



  1. It will be wonderful to be all together again. I will miss you, even though we are in the same province you will still be far away. Good luck on this adventure!

  2. Good luck Heather. You’re one of the first Calgary bloggers I met even though we’ve never actually met ?.

    Fort St John is smaller but from what I’ve heard, it’s has a tight-knit community vibe going so that should be a plus for your family

    • I really appreciate your comment and I enjoy seeing your gorgeous twins on Instagram! Let’s stay connected 🙂

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