Faux Cable Crochet Blanket

When I was a little girl of about 9 years old, the same age my daughter is now, I went away to Brownie camp. Or was it Girl Guides at that age? I can’t remember. I do remember, however, the project that I completed to get my seamstress badge. My mother had given me an old flannel military issue blanket and around the edge I’d done a blanket stitch with blue embroidery thread. It became my camp blanket and I used it whenever I was away at camp. I don’t know what happened to it but when I think of the sort of blanket I want to snuggle up with around the fire or drape over my shoulders after the sun sets I think of that blanket. It was thick and heavy and warm. It wasn’t very beautiful or soft but it was comforting none the less.

There’s something about the iconic Hudson’s Bay blanket that reminds me of that old blanket of mine. The weight and flannel fabric were sort of the same. This is all a rather round about way of explaining how I connected the colours of Lion Brand Hudson Bay yarn to the blanket design I wished to create with it. I wanted to see pronounced stitching, I wanted texture and I wanted it to be heavy and warm. Where I landed makes me very, very happy.

free crochet blanket pattern

This is the second crochet pattern of my own design. The first is a basket that also utilizes the same Hudson Bay coloured yarn and you can find that HERE. Can we take a moment to love on my new (to me) antique rocking chair? I’m pretty in love with it and it has a non-rocking partner. Both of these will be perfect in our new northern home. I imagine that I’ll use my blanket, cuddled up by the fire in this rocking chair on many occasions.

free blanet pattern crochet

I just love the look of cables on knitted and crocheted items, don’t you? It’s such a classic look and also creates incredible texture. I have not yet mastered a real cabled technique but this pattern uses easy to complete front post stitches which do a pretty good job of faking out the appearance of cables. If you need to learn this stitch, there’s a video tutorial HERE. You’ll notice that the FPTR is worked around the post and not through the loops of the stitch.

faux cabled crochet blanket pattern

I designed this blanket in 4 sections for a rather strange reason. I like to be able to take my crochet on the go and when I do that, I don’t like to have a big, unruly mess to haul about. Working like this means it’s easy to take a section on the go, leaving the rest behind. When you have all four sections complete then you simply stitch them together and finish with a hem and border.

easy cabled crochet blanket

This blanket is the ideal size for one to snuggle with on the couch. If you wished to make it larger it would be easy to do so by simply making an additional section and adding rows to make each section longer. If you follow the pattern you will end up with a blanket sized approximately 54″x 44″

This is a fun pattern that is relatively quick to work up and I think the end result is pretty stunning. It’s much more elegant than my old camp blanket but it still gives me that nostalgic, summer camping, making smores, swatting mosquitoes, sitting around the fire cozy, Canadian feel. I hope you like it too.






    • It should just open up when you click the image above with the text that reads “Faux Cable Crochet Blanket, Free Pattern.” If it doesn’t please make sure you don’t have a pop up blocker or some sort of program that prevents new windows from opening. This is a PDF file, and it will open in a browser window which you can then save to your desktop if you wish to.

        • Hi Betsy,

          Yes, this pattern is no longer offered free of charge. It was available for about a year at no cost because I wished to ensure there were no problems or adjustments that were required to it’s writing. It has been very well received and is easy to follow so the free trial period is over. I hope you’ll still consider it!

  1. I wonder where I went wrong. For the last row of DC after the FPTR, I end up with 4 to finish, instead of 3. Hmm. Thank you for the pattern though! So campy!

    • I’ve not done it that way but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Give it a shot and let me know how you make out!

    • Hi Brittney, Unfortunately no. This is no longer offered free of charge. It was available for just over a year and I’ve recently moved it to a paid download. The PDF has colour photo instructions and you can print it out as well. I hope people will still enjoy it.

      • No problem. I already have my panels done and came back to check the join and border pattern, but I’m just gonna wing it. What a beautiful blanket!! Thank you!

        • Hi Brittany,

          If you’re an email subscriber who joined to get this pattern before it went to the paid format then I’m happy to email the file to you. I can’t have anyone with a half finished blanket! Hang tight.

  2. Hi heather!

    I’ve got some of this yarn on hand but not sure I can find the same lot – wondering if you can share how many skeins are needed so I can figure out if I have enough before buying the pattern 🙂

    • Hi Mel! Here is the supply list:

      You will need: (main colour, Hudson Bay) super bulky (#6) yarn – 13 skeins (5oz, 140g each) (accent colour 1, red) super bulky (#6) yarn – 2 skeins (3.5oz, 100 each) (accent colour 2, blue) super bulky (#6) yarn – 1 skein (6oz, 170g) 8mm hook Darning needle Scissors

      Hope that helps!

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