Backyard Patio Reveal!

This is the third post in my series on Backyard Entertaining with Lowe’s. If you missed it, you can find post #1 HERE and post #2 HERE. Thanks for reading along!

Backyard entertaining is where it’s at if you ask me. I’m not one for big parties or crazy locations. I just like to hang out close to home and enjoy the warm weather. I like to watch the kids play and have the dog hanging out at my feet. Casual and simple doesn’t mean that things have to be boring though – our backyard entertaining can be beautiful too! If you’ve been reading along with my series then thank you for your patience and now I’m finally ready to reveal the finished entertaining space!

Here’s a reminder of what we had before – nothing but bare grass!

backyard before

As you may have heard earlier I chose this absolutely stunning copper fire pit from Lowe’s. This one is a wood burning piece and so we need to be mindful of fire bans but I couldn’t leave it behind after setting my sights on it.

fire pit

It is an absolutely gorgeous focal point for our temporary backyard patio and the price was great too. I’m going to enjoy this for years to come and may even buy a propane retro fit kit. We will see how our usage needs are, but for me, this was hands down the right choice.


For seating I chose this budget friendly but still gorgeous (and practical!) conversation set. I love the blue upholstery. I love the smaller size scale which will allow us to use it up on the deck in our new house, or out in a pop-up patio on the lawn as shown here. The foot stools can tuck under the chairs when not in use, or be used for extra seating – perfect for kids.

patio furniture

The little table that was included with the set is perfect for a tray of drinks and I chose this round red accent tray to coordinate with the inspiration mason jars and stunning red hexagon throw pillows. I’m filling up these mason jars with Spiked Ginger Iced Tea. So good!


Lowe’s also had a really great selection of LED battery operated candles and solar patio lights. They are fantastic (and safe!) lighting accents and will operate on a 5 hour timer. I love them on the tray or showcased in the fun wire candle holder piece. The rug is also one of my favourite pieces. It was a great price, is super durable, and large enough to use for a pop-up patio. The blues and reds are fun and playful and just speak of summer. Aren’t you ready for summer and easy days and casual conversations? I am SO READY!

backyard entertaining ideas

We are currently not under any sort of fire ban so I think tonight is the night to fill up this copper beauty and give her a test run. I’m so excited for all that this summer will bring.

This project was pretty successful considering that we hit every note on our ‘want’ list. We now have great seating, an amazing focal point, a defined space – the rug let us accomplish that, and some easy lighting options. The biggest success is that all of these items will flex into our new living space at the new house. I can’t wait to set that all up for you! Watch my Instagram feed for an update on our set up at the new house. The count down to the move is on!


I’m on the #lovelowes team this spring and am receiving product to facilitate this series of posts. As always, my opinions are my own.





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