The bedroom reveal!

Oh you guys! I’m so excited to finally share a peek into our new home. We have been working hard with painting because EVERY WALL needed paint. When we viewed this home we thought it would need to be painted but didn’t think it was really a big deal and that we could just tackle it. Then we arrived and moved in and realized that the ceilings were much taller than we had remembered – 12 ft on the main and in the foyer, even taller. We also realized that every wall needed major patching. The previous owners did quite the number on the walls! Here’s where I started. Those chip board birds were stuck on with double sided tape to cover huge drywall anchor holes and there were butterflies on the other wall. Aye aye aye!


We bit the bullet and hired painters for those high ceiling areas and I’ve been taking on the basement and bathrooms because I could manage the height. It has been a process and I’m SO over painting!  Shout out to Artek Painting here in Fort St. John. They did a great job and I highly recommend them.


I’m glad we’ve been soldiering through because now our master bedroom is done and ready to share with the Fall Canadian Bloggers Home Tour! If you’ve surfed over from the tour welcome! If you’d like to see the rest of our rooms revealed as they are completed please do like my facebook page to keep up with me.

We picked a vintage green (Opal Silk) for this space, inspiration for the colour choice came from an old enamel coffee mug that I’ve loved. I picked it up at Inside Avenue before we left Calgary (it’s the one on the bottom.)


To bring the space into fall I’ve incorporated some cattails and it’s one of my favourite things ever. When the window is open or the furnace is on they gently sway in the breeze and it’s so calming.


I’d love to eventually place a bench between the two book cases, it’s the perfect space, but I’ve not found one that I’ve liked yet – I might DIY something. Up the stairs is our walk in closet and en-suite plus a linen closet. When we bought this house I thought I would want to paint all the wood trim out white but now that we are in here I want to keep it as it is. It’s offering so much warmth and character and it looks amazing with the paint colour. You might recognize the hand painted desk and the vintage side table I made over previously. I love that they work so well together!



On the bed we have a duvet cover, pillow covers and fitted sheet from bedface. I really love how casual this bedding is because I’m not one for fussy bedding. I like to throw the duvet over and be done with it. No hospital corners here! This cotton bedding is easy to wash and durable and oh so casual. It’s just my style and I love the way it looks. I have a set to giveaway so run and put your entry in.

The mattress is from Being totally honest here, I expected to not really like this mattress. I expected that it would be ‘good enough’ for the spare room. We put it on our bed just to trial it out and it is not going anywhere. We both like this mattress! We have foam beds for the kids rooms from Ikea and they are okay. The Ikea mattresses had a very strong chemical smell when we first opened them and they took a few days to plump up so I expected the same for the leesa mattress. Not so. There was no smell, it plumped up right away and we slept on it that night with no issue. The convenience of ordering a mattress online and unwrapping it right on your bed is pretty fantastic, I have to say. Free shipping. 100 night guarantee. Easy return policy. There isn’t much to lose here.

A secret? Don’t tell okay? The throw on the end of the bed is….a table cloth. Use what you have people! I love the colour it brings to the bedding and the cotton is the same weight as the bedface duvet cover so it really works well.


My goal for this entire house is to use things I love be them vintage or new. I want to embrace our Northern Canadian location and have a calm sense of colour and warmth. I think we’ve done it with this bedroom and I don’t think I’ve been this happy with a space in a long time. It’s perfectly us and comfy and livable for a busy home with little kids. I find myself just hanging out there quite often!


I’m sure things will evolve over time. I’d like to add the bench and maybe some curtains. The dresser needs a lick of paint and new hardware too. I wasn’t going to wait until it was perfect to share though. What’s perfect? We’ve been here 2 months now and things are starting to feel like home, and my home isn’t one of perfection.

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Thank you to leesa and bedface for providing product for this post. Opinions remain my own.



  1. Your bedroom colour is perfection and the steer head over your bed is so gorgeous, just the exact right touch! Those cattails are so pretty, I can imagine they make a beautiful sound too when they are moving in the breeze. The touches of Canadiana really speak to me though, as you know I am a vintage lover & your scores always make me happy, I adore the fact that you love the history, I think we would be huge enablers for each other if we were to ever go picking together! 😉

    • Haha if I hadn’t confessed, nobody would have known. Except maybe my husband who raised an eyebrow and said in a whispered voice…”Isn’t this a …. tablecloth?” 😀

  2. It’s so great to hear you’re getting settled into your new home. I cannot imagine having to paint every last space, but I think it’s wise you hired it out. A girl needs to keep her sanity, right? Your bedroom is fresh, yet cozy looking. I can see why you like to spend time in there. Ours needs a little TLC, too, especially new bedding. There’s always something!

    • Thank you so much! The colour was a risk for sure, I wasn’t sure if it would be too much and if we would tire of it but so far I’m still as in love with it as I was the day it went up.

  3. This is stunning. I just love it. Yes, I feel like a bit of a joke compared to you all. But, I just looooooove what you have all done. I want those stairs in that bedroom Heather. LOVES.

    • I’m patting myself on the back to have a room ready to show in 2 months. It might be a while until I can show the rest of the house! Oy, it’s been so much work.

  4. Such a lot of hard work but it has paid off! Love the colour in your room and I can imagine those cattails blowing in the breeze, I have to say my favourite piece is your throw (tablecloth!) at the end of the bed, the colours are beautiful. Great job!

  5. So lovely, Heather! I adore that bedframe – it’s so charming! And the wall colour is a great one. I love that it’s not muted, but is still soothing. What a difference!

  6. What a nice colour 🙂 I think it looks great in the space, and I love how you’ve balance the two windows with the bookshelves and almost bare walls. The room has a nice weight to it.
    That feed sack is the perfect Canadiana touch! Well done!!!


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