Eggs Benny 101

world egg day

Oh how I LOVE a good Eggs Benedict! Don’t you love it? It is honestly one of the best parts about being alive, I kid you not. Family, friends, home, mountains and eggs benny. You have those and you have a pretty great life, am I right? I think so.


Making it at home isn’t as daunting as you might think. I mean, if I can do it – you can do it! To celebrate World Egg Day I’m sharing my very best tips for making sure your attempts turn out as the dreamy indulgence Eggs Benedict is meant to be.

Sauce – Eggs benny is nothing without the hollandaise. Here’s my recipe for Hollandaise sauce as well as what to do to save your sauce if things start going wrong.

Eggs – The eggs should be medium, meaning the yolk should be runny when you cut into it but your whites should be fully cooked and firm. The eggs are best poached and to do this, set a pan of water to simmer (not boil!) over medium heat. You want no salt in the water and add just 1 tsp of white vinegar which will help the eggs hold together. Crack your egg into a small bowl, not straight into the pan. When your water is bubbling slightly take a spoon and stir around the outside edge of the pan until you have a swirling vortex. Then gently drop your egg into the center. It will swirl around and form a nice shape. If it does not stay together your egg may not be fresh. If you can, use very fresh eggs for this and it will help immensely with shape. Remove with a slotted spoon and gently jiggle to test for doneness.

Filling – Here’s where you can get creative. Ham is traditional but I also love: steamed spinach, sliced tomato, sauteed asparagus, steakhouse mushrooms, turkey, proscuitto, cheese, or salmon. You can choose whatever you have on hand!

Base – English muffins are by far my favourite but I also really like zucchini fritters or texas toast.

Garnish – I like lots of pepper and sometimes hot sauce but you might like to keep things lite with some fresh herbs. Do what feels right.

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Canadian egg farmers donate more than three million eggs each year to community food banks, school breakfast programs and charitable organizations, helping more people benefit from the essential protein and nutrients in eggs.

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  1. I love love love the idea of adding sauteed asparagus! We’ve only attempted to make it at home once and it honestly wasn’t half bad. We’ve just never gotten around to making it at home again though. We tend to stick to very quick breakfasts at home like oatmeal and cereal, but breakfasts could be way more delicious if we tried.

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