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Okay my friends. This is the last #honeymonth giveaway for this year and I’m so sad that the fun is coming to an end! It’s a great prize though, this one is from TELUS and I saw for myself where smart living can take us when I had the chance to visit the TELUS future home. 

The future home was on display, way up north here in Fort St. John to celebrate the 28 million dollar investment on the TELUS PureFibre ™ network in the Peace region. This infrastructure not only helps keep us all connected but also ensures the businesses who run here are competitive. One of the first things I Googled when I found out we were moving here was “where can I get TELUS services in Fort St. John” because I just couldn’t imagine not having a blazing fast internet connection after we had become so accustomed to it in Calgary. The internet is a big part of my job after all!


The TELUS Future home showcased products, like the Withings Wifi scale available here to win, that connect us to our nutritional intake and daily activities in ways that are simple enough to actually use day to day. This scale will connect with the fitness tracker apps and nutritional apps you’re already using to provide you with more information than just your weight. Pretty smart.

In future, we will have apps and gadgets built right into our homes like the nutrition scanner and the Urban Cultivator shown above. The Urban Cultivator ($2700CAD) is available now but the nutritional scanner (that connects to your fridge’s inventory!) is still just an idea. At any rate, I’m excited to see which of these things becomes a must have, can’t live without gadget and which fall by the wayside. Enter for the scale through the widget below and good luck!


TELUS smart scale



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