Crochet Heart Shaped Box of Face Scrubbies

These cotton crochet face scrubbies and their matching storage basket are all made with size 4 cotton yarn and a size 5mm hook. Work your stitches fairly tightly so your basket maintains it’s good form. You will also need scissors and a large gauge needle.

This free crochet pattern is written in US terms and uses the following stitches: magic loop, chain stitch, single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, triple crochet stitch, and half double crochet stitch.

Round 1

Begin by making a magic loop.

ch 3 (counts as triple) The following stitches are all worked into the magic loop. 2 tr, 4dc ,2 tr, 4dc, 2tr. Ch2 (counts as triple) sl to center of magic circle (not starting chain) close magic loop. (14 stitches plus the two chains for 18 in total)

Round 2

2sc in ch space of 1st round, 3 dc in same stitch (top stitch of the starting chain)

3dc in next stitch, 2dc in next stitch, dc in next two stitches, sc in next two stitches, next place 2dc in the space between the triples of the previous round. Sc in next two stitches, dc in next two stitches, 2dc in next stitch, 3dc, 3dc. 2 sc in chain space (30 stitches.)

Round 3

Sc in next two stitches (the first sc stitches of the previous round. 3dc in same stitch, 3dc, 2dc, 2dc, dc in next 4 stitches. Sc in next 4 stitches. As in the previous round, 2DC in the space between the two double crochet stitches of round 2. Sc in next 4 stitches. Dc in next 4 stitches, 2dc, 2dc, 3dc, 3dc, sc, sc.  (43)

If making scrubby then sl to join, then Ch 4 and fasten off. Tie ends to make finger loop.

If making heart shaped box continue to round 4

Round 4

hdc in back loops around (43)

hdc in each stitch around until the 41st stitch then skip a stitch and continue around for a third and fourth round. At the 42nd stitch of the 4th round, skip a stitch and sl st. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

I hope you enjoyed this free Crochet Pattern! Make sets and sets of these heart shaped crochet face scrubbies for all the teen and tween loves in your life. They make an awesome Valentines day gift!



  1. These instructions are hard to understand. If followed exactly, it makes a crooked heart. The stitch count never came up to what you described

    • I wish I could see how you are working these up. I’ve made many of these in this manner without problem. Feel free to modify the pattern in a way that suits you best!

  2. So cute! So if I were making the box, how would I build up the sides? Just HDC rows around the perimeter? Did you do something different?

    • Round 4 of the pattern is for making the box. So yes, if you’re making a scrubby, you’d stop. If you’re making the box then work the HDC stitches as instructed. I hope you enjoy the pattern!

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