DIY on Display!

The fabulous and fun folks at Wayfair issued a challenge for this week and they asked me to create a DIY Wall Art display. So fun! I had free creative range to make whatever I wanted and as I can’t stop thinking of and wishing for spring to arrive I wanted to include a little greenery. As you may know, I’m having a hard time keeping actual plants healthy. The ones I planted last month are doing pretty well except for the cacti. I think they just don’t get enough light here in the north!

This led me to create some unkillable succulents with yarn because that is one crafting material that I hoard in abundance. I made some pompom stones and crocheted up a few succulents and I think the result is pretty fun! Here’s how to make one:


  • Large embroidery hoop
  • canvas or other material for backing
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • pen
  • yarn in stone and green shades
  • crochet hook


First grab your hoop and place it over top of your canvas material. Trace around the outside of the hoop. Cut the canvas out and hot glue it to the back of your hoop. This will make your frame and give you something to glue the yarn stones and plants to.

Then get to work with your yarn. Make pom poms for stones – as many as you like. I used various sizes for interest and I think it works well. All I did was simply wrap yarn around my fingers, I then tied a bit of yarn around and cut the loops but if you have those handy pom pom makers then by all means, use them.

Once you have your yarn elements made, give things a dry run and place them in your frame without glue. When you like the placement begin gluing them in place. You can fill your entire frame or leave some empty space as I did. I liked the way it looked with some negative space too.

Crochet Succulent Patterns:

I chose the string of pearls pattern from HERE

The light green plant is from HERE and

The dark green leaves were just a simple, from my head, triangle shape. I made several triangles and glued them in place in a cluster.

I love the way the string of pearls hang out over the frame but the beauty of these projects is that you can make them anyway you want! I hope this has provided a bit of inspiration for a DIY Wall Hanging. It’s a great way to use up random bits of yarn that you have kicking around!

You could change up the frame too. I happened to have this hoop that was missing it’s inner ring. That made it useless for traditional embroidery but perfect for this wall hanging application. Check out Wayfair for other fantastic frames – a standard photo frame would be fun too! You could glue your bits straight to the cardboard backing and save the glass for something else.



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