Craft Room Reveal!


I know, I know I’ve been hinting at sharing this space for eons. It’s finally ready – or rather, ready enough. There are still some things I want to do in here. I can’t see ever being finished but ultimately, that’s the entire purpose of a creative space, isn’t it? At any rate, the Canadian Bloggers Fall Home Tour is upon us and I’m so glad to be able to take part with my most favourite room to date! First, thank you to Wayfair for providing 2 items for this room and thank you THANK YOU to our Canadian Bloggers Supreme,ย Shannon and Christina, for organizing this blog tour!

This room was a blank slate when we moved in. Beige walls. One nice window, for a basement room, and a closet. The flooring is a neutral carpet which was in good shape so we kept that. It is also a HUGE room. Huge. Which was great because we really need it to do a lot. This is our spare bedroom for when we have company from away. This is my office space. This is my craft studio. This is my photography studio. And more!

The best part? I launched a new online vintage shop from this room. I couldn’t be happier that my new venture can call this space home.

Let’s start, with the feature wall. I wanted something fun and graphic and creative. I thought about wallpaper and then one day I sketched this out on my iPad and before I knew it, it was on the wall and done. I started by painting the entire room a cool grey white. Then I completed the geometric wall with a pale peach and the mauve was left over from another project. It was easy to do with painters tape. I really did not hold back when I put this space together. This room may be temporary accommodation for guests, but it’s also where I spend the majority of my day, every day. This room is me. It’s a dream come true and I feel so incredibly lucky to have it.

The desk is exactly what I wanted and it was meant to be because I found one half of it used on our local buy and sell which saved me twenty five bucks plus shipping. The other half I ordered new from Ikea along with the bank of drawers and the two drawer riser on the office side. And that chair. OH EM GEEEEE. I love it so so so much. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be available right now. This one is similar and I almost bought it – I think it’s a great price on Wayfair.

The sewing side is simpler and if I’m working on a large item I can move a few things and have lots of table space. I also hung an old ironing board on the right hand wall which acts as a peg board for organization of sewing items. It was super simple to do, I grabbed a board at a thrift shop for 3 bucks and stripped it down to nothing. Up on the wall it went and then I used hooks and peg board accessories to make it functional. I also have some magnets up there so I can use it as a bulletin board too.

Above the peg board I have an old starburst clock housing around some embroidery and the teal item is the case to one of my typewriters. It makes a fun little shelf and it’s held onto the wall with removable hook and loop strips! So fun. Also on this side I made a DIY tiered stand from some vintage china plates which I love. It holds thread, needles and other sewing sundries.

ย The transitional space between the desk side of the room and the bed side of the room is actually really useful. I have my printer hidden behind the curtain of the storage unit, as well, I’m storing (and displaying) many of the items that are for sale in my shop. A ย vintage look area carpet from Wayfair further defines the space. On the opposite side of the room is a window and underneath the window is a fold out table that I use for crafting and taking photographs.


Then, there is the bed area – the guest area if you will. Most of the time this bed isn’t being used and admittedly, it is a magnet for stuff. Today though, it’s cleaned up for photos. I’m not going to lie, I can be pretty messy in here but creativity is messy. There’s no getting around that!


That bed is the first piece of furniture my husband and I bought after we were engaged and living together. It’s 20 years old! I had thoughts to paint it, the cherry wood tone is quite dated, but you know what? In this eclectic space, it’s not so bad. While not the same tone, it mirrors the wood on the gorgeous mid century mod style office chair at the desk, and the starburst clock is wood toned too. It all works somehow. I’m not sure painting it white would improve things. Instead I brought in a few other wood accessories and tones to jumble things up even more. I also brought the peach colour from the wall over to this side with the vintage chenille bedspread and the hand made lamp shade.

We are well past peony season but as I failed to grow any myself, these peach silk lovelies will keep the room happy during our long long l o n g winter months. You know, my fall room tour might not include a single pumpkin but I’m actually quite ready to snuggle up in here and weather the season. I’ll be getting crafty, sewing, taking photos of beautiful vintage things and writing for all the hours I can scrape up. The boho mirror will be available in my shop. I think. It just works there so well doesn’t it? And it brings one more wood tone to the mix because what do you do when your wood tones don’t match? Well my friends, you just add another wood tone!

I could show you endless photos of the things in here that make me smile. This room is stacked with them and I’ll be adding more as the days pass I’m sure. Keep an eye on my vintage shop for items I wish to share with you. New things will be added often as well as craft and crochet patterns.

Thank you SO MUCH for coming through and having a look at my craft room! Office! Studio! Shop Headquarters! Spare Bedroom! I never know what to call this room, but it’s everything to me. It truly is Home to Heather. Don’t forget to carry on through the rest of the bloggers homes as well. They’re all listed and linked below. Happy surfing!


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  1. Oh Heather, I simply adore your creative space! All of the special touches – your articulated person lovingly touching your gorgeous typewriters (SWOON) – this space is so bright and fresh, I seriously could shop here all day – OH and have an awesome visit with you too… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know we get each other and I know how this space makes you feel because I feel the same way. Can I just tell you – ironing board pegboard BRILLIANT!!! Also, that bed looks amazing as is – I am completely in love with that tray! <3

  2. Of course I’m taking in every last detail since I have my vintage collection in the works too! Love your little shop you put together and can’t wait to have a bright and cheery dedicated work space of my own like you do. Wishing you the best of luck with your new venture!

    • You know, that mural gives so much impact and it was really cheap to do. It only cost maybe ten bucks because I had tape and half the paint already. Such a good way to go on a budget.

  3. Um, yes to all this please! You have inspired me to start thinking about my basement re-do! I love how you have a separate desk for sewing. And the ironing board as peg board thing – I’m totally going to copy that. How big an ironing board is it? And you are so right – creativity is messy. And I have the creative child who proves that every day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do a pretty good job of piling up papers and craft/decor supplies myself!

    • It’s not a full size board and it was made to hang on the back of a door. You could use any board as long as it has a perforated / mesh surface. Peek under the covers of the ones in your local thrift shop!

  4. This space is so creative and totally you! I love how you’ve put everything together. I’m in the process of organizing, furnishing, and making up my office. I hope my space has as much personality and style as yours does…. I’ll have a spot for guests in there as well.

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