5 Gluten Free Recipes for Dinner

Having some tried and true gluten free recipes on hand for dinner makes things a lot easier when you suddenly have your celiac family member drop by or when you are sick and tired of plain meat, potato and veg combos. I know we often fall into a dinner rut around here and it makes cooking such a chore. No more!

Here are some new to you, tried and true, gluten free dinner recipes. Book mark this page or pin it to your pinterest profile and you’ll have them handy.

Gluten Free Turkey Stuffed Peppers

I love this recipe as it really makes things adaptable to your needs. You can do them in a slow cooker, get things prepped ahead of time and then, simple inexpensive and healthy ground turkey becomes a beautiful feast for the eyes (and tummy!) Get the recipe.

Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese

There are really fantastic gluten free pastas in stores now so keeping some on hand in your pantry is a smart idea. Then you’ll be able to put together some mac and cheese at a moments notice. I also love that this recipe can be adaptable to your daily needs – no need to bake it if you don’t have time, just mix and serve. Get the Recipe.

Paleo Pineapple Skillet

I know the title of this dish includes the term Paleo and that doesn’t really matter except that at the core, Paleo recipes are all gluten free! My kids never turn this dish down and it’s one we make often. It’s so bright and flavourful – and healthy too. Get the recipe.

Gluten Free Sweet Root and Veggie Stew

This stew recipe is exceptional because you don’t need any thickening agent at all. The veggies break down to form the sauce and the result is a gluten free dinner that’s perfect for cool days. Get the recipe.

Gluten Free Corn Bread

I love having a versatile side dish ready to spruce up whatever else you’re having for dinner. This bread is fantastic with chili or pulled pork leftovers, soups or stews! It has a lot of savoury flavour so if you’re a sweet corn bread person you might want to keep looking. Get the recipe.

Well there you go – some fantastic gluten free recipes to have for dinner! There’s sure to be something here to please. Pick one (or two!) and try something new. 


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