Why I Switched to Pour Over Coffee

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Hello my friends! This post feels as though it has been percolating (groooooooooan) for a long time! It’s my first post since moving back to the Calgary area from Northern BC and my first post from our new home! Things are finally starting to calm down and get back to routine after all the moving chaos which I am really appreciating.

This home and this kitchen are an absolute dream and it’s very modern and sleek which is a different from my usual style. Because the kitchen is so minimal in feel, things that cluttered up the eye line started to bother me here which is a VERY big departure for me! I typically don’t mind a bit of clutter – in fact, I often engineer it. Here, though, it became obvious to me that I wanted to maintain the simple lines and a big drip coffee pot out on the counter just wasn’t suiting that aesthetic.

Also, yes, we are going to add counter stools. I just haven’t found the right ones yet.

Now, clearly I still have things out on the counters. Most are vintage things! I really wanted to be able to showcase my favourite vintage treasures in this space and the contrast against the modern look is quite nice. Oh how green depression glass sings in this bright room! I wanted to be able to have something just as pretty for making coffee, something I would love to look at every day and something that was easy to use as well. Pour over was the answer. I leave my set up out (because it’s really nice to look at and corralled on the cake plate) but it could just as easily be put away. There’s an outlet hiding behind the framed piece. I love that we don’t need to see it, I find outlets so…..so. Ugly. There, I said it.

I first went online to Etsy to see if I could find something vintage to suit the look I was going for and I found a gorgeous mint green ceramic pour over with carafe and I was smitten BUT it didn’t ship to me. Then I found just the top piece but it was really expensive and after a google search I discovered that Melitta make these new! Not in the pretty vintage mint green but in this very lovely periwinkle blue. Um. YES PLEASE! They’re also available in yellow, white and, pink. I ordered one and am very pleased. I can make enough coffee to get me through the morning or to fill my to-go cup all at once. It’s perfect. (Melitta is not sponsoring this post. I just like their product.)

My coffee grinder sits hidden in the cupboard above with all the mugs. I tuck my beans and filters there too so it’s all handy and together.

I very much prefer pour over vs a french press because the clean up is so much easier. I am not a fan of cleaning out the french press but pulling the filter and tossing it in the compost is so simple. I should also mention, I still have my electric drip pot stashed in the pantry for when we have company and I need to brew a large quantity all at the same time. I could serve two, maybe even three, people with the pour over at once but more than that would be a chore.

I did a little video with some more details and a demo of how simple it is to brew your morning coffee by pour over vs drip coffee.

Should you Choose Pour Over vs Drip Coffee?

Pour over is perfect for people who:

  • Like to make a bit of a ritual over preparing their morning cup.
  • Don’t need to brew 12 cups of coffee to serve a large crew every morning.
  • Prefer to have clear counters.
  • Want to have pretty items sitting out on display (or to put everything away….this is easy to put in a cupboard out of sight.)
  • Like to have control over the temperature of the water, size of grind etc.
  • Love a simpler, less cluttered, way of life.

Resources and Links

Melitta – see the Heritage series and more.

Kettle – if you want a goose neck kettle with a temp gauge, this is the one I’m using. *Amazon affiliate link

Filters – Any #4 filter will do but I’m using the eco-friendly, bamboo filters from Melitta. *Amazon affiliate link

Cone Brew – Skip the carafe and brew straight into your mug or to-go cup with just the cone. An inexpensive way to try out pour over. *Amazon affiliate link

Other Brands – Learn more about the other Pour Over brands available


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