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7 Best Gluten Free Foods at the Supermarket

7 Best Gluten Free Products at the Supermarket

I’m not a huge ‘ready made’ foods buyer. If I can make it from scratch I usually try to – mostly for economic reasons but also for health reasons. I like to control the sugar we consume. But there are times when I lay in bed 15 min too long and just want to pour […]

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10 Tips for a Memorable Easter Egg Hunt

10 Tips for a Memorable Easter Egg Hunt

“Hey Nate, what’s your favorite part of Easter?” I asked him. “Finding Easter Eggs!” he answered. The fun is absolutely in the hunt and often, the treasure we find is a bonus.  This year, make your hunt special by following these 10 tips: Do: Hide a variety of items. Use hollow plastic eggs to hide […]

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Simple, Decadent, Hollandaise Sauce


There are few things we allow ourselves at breakfast as decadent and rich as Hollandaise sauce.  And because it’s so rich we feel as though it’s complicated and difficult but I promise you – it’s not.  It doesn’t require special equipment either; just a whisk!  Knowing how to make this simple sauce is something worth […]

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Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese!

gluten free mac and cheese

Oh boy.  My relationship with Macaroni and Cheese goes so far back.  It’s complex and intertwined with emotion.  As a kid, Dad’s night to cook would mean he’d whip up a batch of the blue box dinner.  He would almost always stir in cut up hotdogs.  I’d squirt some ketchup on top and it was […]

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Day out with Thomas at Heritage Park – Win Tickets!

thomas the train heritage park

Year after year, Day out with Thomas remains as my favorite annual family event in the city.   Part of the reason for it is that the kids just love it. Most of the reason is that I love riding the antique steam engine and all the old timey stuff they have at Heritage Park.  Plus, […]

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Banana Oat Muffins with Crumble Top

Recipe: Banana Oat Muffins ~ Gluten free!

I don’t know how you’ve been doing this winter but my family has just been hit with a horrible virus.  It’s been brutal.  The kids couldn’t eat for days and both have lost weight that they didn’t have to lose.  They’re on the upswing now and are able to hold food down so my challenge […]

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Easter Bunny Bunting Printable Craft

easter bunny bunting craft

The kids love doing crafts and they love decorating for special holidays like Easter.  I am not really one to do seasonal decorating though.  It’s not so much the decorating that I don’t like….it’s the un-decorating and packing things in a box and storing it for next year that I just don’t feel the need […]

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Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra – Win Tickets!


I’ve attended the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra twice in the past.  Once recently for their St. Patrick’s Day celebration and once last year to listen to the music from Zelda.  Both of those performances were outstanding and I really, really enjoyed myself.  I listened to piano, flutes, violins and cellos all performing music that I was […]

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How to Remove Pen from Painted Furniture

how to get pen off furniture

Remember that sweet little vintage dresser I painted for my daughter’s room?  I lovingly re-finished it and put new knobs on it and it was perfect and oh so cute.  Until today when I discovered my darling six year old had written on the top of the dresser with pen.  PEN!  Oh the horror!  I […]

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Sweet Root Veggie and Beef Stew

beef stew

It’s finally starting to warm up outside but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to ditch our winter comfort foods just yet.  After all, we could  be thrown into another snow storm at any moment (crossing our fingers that doesn’t happen!)  Beef stew is one of those favorite items that just hasn’t been the same when […]