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Mudroom Makeover!

mudroom mirror

We are heading into winter here and I knew we had a major problem on our hands.  At our back door, the one off the garage, the one we use all winter long, is a mud room.  It’s small, but I’m so thankful we have it because winters in Alberta are muddy and wet and […]

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Think Sex Trafficking Isn’t a Canadian Problem? Think Again.

CDN womens foundation

By Kathleen Shaver I had the privilege of being able to attend the Canadian Women’s Foundation Calgary Breakfast last week.  The subject being discussed at this event is a subject no one wants to address, let alone acknowledge as being an issue right here in Canada:  Human Trafficking.  What is human trafficking?  It is the […]

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Hot Chicken and Broccoli Salad

broccoli salad

I’ve joined up with a whole bunch of awesome bloggers to bring you some easy weeknight meal ideas – we all need more of those right?  I know I do.  I get so bored of the same things over and over and over but when we’re in a time crunch we usually tend to go […]

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Join the #sabradipschat Twitter party!


 ***************************** In light of the unfortunate events on Parliament Hill this morning, Sabra Canada has postponed its Twitter Party, previously scheduled for this evening, out of respect for those affected.  ******************************** You’ve probably, hopefully, heard me talk about Sabra one or twice.  They make incredible hummus, and salsa, and dips.  Everything is really fresh and tasty […]

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8 Smart Reasons to Enroll your Girls in Karate


This is my daughter’s third year in Karate.  She is 7. The first year there were as many girls as boys.  Last year there were about 30% girls and this year she is the only girl in the dojo.  It’s hard to ignore the fact that she is the lone female in the room.  The […]

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Dear Diary – Girl Gone Hormonal Edition

gone girl

Dear Diary, My mind is disturbed for a number of reasons tonight and so I am going to attempt to write about it in the hopes that I’ll be able to sleep afterwards. And it will be difficult because sometimes my grandmother reads this blog and the thought of her reading this particular post is […]

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$100 Second Cup Prize Pack!

Second Cup Flat White (giveaway)

It seems as though Honey Month is carrying over to October because the sweet stuff just keeps coming.  Now, I’m thrilled to offer a Second Cup prize pack for you to win.  It’s a pretty little cup, a fresh bag of Espresso Forte and a $100 gift card to treat yourself!  I love the ritual […]

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Butterscotch Pumpkin Spice Skillet Cookie

This is a fall treat to remember - Butterscotch Chips in a Pumpkin cookie?  YES.  I'm telling you, it's amazing.  Plus, this happens to be gluten free.

Oh where do I start with this one.  Years ago, my husband found a recipe for butterscotch chip pumpkin cookies.  They were amazing. Soft and fluffy cookies with a flavor combination I never forgot – pumpkin and butterscotch.  Who knew?  We made batch after batch, gorging ourselves on this tasty treat and then….the recipe got […]

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October #hometogram Photo Challenge


I really enjoyed the last #hometogram photo challenge!  I’ve been looking forward to doing it again and friends, the time is right.  It’s fall, it’s October and we can do 10 in 10.  Ten photos for the month of October.  This time, the theme is comfort.  What makes your home comfortable?  What’s comforting to you […]

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Earn $40,000 in Technology Grants for Calgary Schools!

calgary technology grant

How many dead keyboards do you have in your house?  Or mice that nobody uses or routers, cables, old remote controls, cell phones?  I know I have this stuff kicking around and now that we’re a tablet / laptop family we have no need for keyboards or mice.  Still, these items are sitting in boxes […]