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Two Summer Iced Drink Recipes

iced coffee recipe

Second Cup is celebrating summer!  Did you enter the $200 prize pack giveaway yet?  If you haven’t then go enter to win!  If you have, then sit back and relax.  You might want to make yourself an Iced Latte the Second Cup way. They’re sharing their tips and secrets so you can make one at […]

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Top Two Tech Travel Toys for Kids


This summer our road trip has taken us across the mountains to Grandma’s house as they often do and so far it’s been a lovely trip.  Things just seem easier this time.  Maybe it’s because they’re older now – there’s no more lugging around playpens and diaper bags and strollers.  We’re past all the ‘gear […]

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$200 Second Cup Prize Pack!

Second Cup Black Cherry

Summer is in full swing!  I have the sunburn to prove it.  I don’t recommend you proving the existence of sun in the same manner I did. Ouch!  Instead grab one of the brand new Black Cherry Smoothies at Second Cup.  They are celebrating in a big way with their refreshing icy beverages!  Check out […]

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Share your Summer Road Trip to Win!

rocky mountains

Going on a road trip with two little kids is a nerve wracking thing.  Did I pack everything?  Are we going to make it there without anyone getting car-sick?  Will they sleep EVER? I worry about what we will eat so their tummies will be happy the whole way to Grandma’s house.  I worry about […]

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Earth to Echo Ticket Giveaway!

earth to echo poster

The instant I saw the preview for Earth to Echo I was intrigued.  It reminded me so much of Batteries Not Included which is one of my most favorite movies from the 80s.  That is a story that captured my spirit as a child and a new movie that might do the same is worth […]

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10 Essential Road Trip Foods

summer pasta salad

We are about to hit the road for our family summer trip and this year we’ve decided to bring our food with us from home.  We’ve spent so much money on gross road food in the past and we want to avoid that this year.  Stopping for meals wastes time too.  We will still stop […]

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The Stupid Easy Way to Capture Memories Forever

How to manage, edit and print photos from your smartphone!

One of the things about modern digital photography is that it’s so easy to click, click, click and take LOADS of photos.  We don’t worry about running out of film and we don’t worry about the price per snap.  We can shoot away to our hearts content and as long as our batteries are charged […]

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Blueberry, Lemon and Coconut Breakfast Cookies

Blueberry Lemon breakfast cookie #glutenfree

It’s difficult for me to describe these wee morsels.  They are for breakfast.  They are shaped like a cookie but fluffy inside like a muffin.  They are sort of scone like but the texture isn’t flaky like a traditional scone might be.  You can eat them plain.  You can eat them with jam.  You can […]

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Gracious Words – Free Printable

gracious words sm

I recently came across proverbs 16:24 which reads: “Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bone” and I instantly connected with the phrase.  How could I not?  I’m a wordy individual with a fondness for bees after all.  I read it a few times, letting it roll around […]

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Strawberry Gin and Tonic

A cool and refreshing summertime drink - Strawberry Gin and Tonic!

Sometimes in the summer, on hot, hot days I think about cool drinks.  I wake up thirsty and wait until it’s an appropriate time of day to indulge.  I fill a glass with ice and condensation immediately forms on outside while I prepare the cocktail.  We sit out in the sun, drinks in hand and […]