How to Download from Netflix

Netflix announced BIG news yesterday! If you’ve always wanted to watch Netflix content when you’re off line, on a plane or just visiting a spot with a spotty connection now you can! It’s easy too. If you’re using an app on your device that allows the feature you should see a splash screen when you load Netflix up. I saw this on my Android phone and on the iPad. Not on my PC via the web.


In your Netflix menu, search for a show you wish to download and touch the little i symbol as shown below.


From there you will see the list of episodes in a series and the download icon next to each one.


Not all content will be available for download immediately and I’ll speculate that the Netflix Original Content will be available first. This is great news for people who fly a lot and want to take their favourite series on the go. I also see many, many moms taking content on the go for their toddlers. I mean, grocery shopping has got to be easier with Paw Patrol in the cart. Right?

Copper Inspiration

You know how one thing leads to another and before you know it the glue gun is out? That’s how I got here, to this place with this vintage copper bundt pan wreath. You see, I’d found these sweet copper star lights and they were amazing against the dark blue of my accent wall but they looked a little bit lonely hanging there on their own. They needed a buddy. They needed just one more thing.


These copper pans are easy to find at thrift shops and they aren’t expensive at all. I found this one in a second hand shop so I paid a little more than thrift store prices at $8 but it was absolutely the perfect thing so I coughed up the cash and brought it home. At the dollar store I found a pack of little pine cones and the birdie too. I also used a couple of sprigs off a vine of artificial red berries I already had and a bit of ribbon. So all in, this baby cost me around ten bucks and I think that’s fantastic.


There really isn’t much to say in the way of ‘how to’ here. Find your bits and glue them on with a hot glue gun. I laid mine out on the kitchen counter to get an idea of how I wanted it to go together. I love red berries and they go so nicely with the copper. They are easy to work with as well because they’re wired. Just clip some off with some wire snips or strong scissors. I went with a less is more approach but you could make it as full and glamorous as you wanted really.




To hang, loop some ribbon through the center and tie in a bow. A single nail in the wall was more than adequate to support this copper wreath. This was a super fast DIY and I just love the end result. It’s festive enough for the holidays but I can leave it up all winter long with these little star twinkle lights.  Above is what it looks like during the day and below is in the evening with the little lights on.


I’m in such love with all of this that I don’t know if I’ll be able to bring myself to take them down in the spring. I don’t have to ….do I?

Have you tried these?


It’s a super busy time of year isn’t it? We’ve had karate tournaments, parent teacher interviews, holiday preparations and more. In between that stuff boxes have been arriving and when I opened this particular box everyone got excited. “Don’t eat all of those when I’m at work,” my husband said wagging his finger towards the coconut macaroon ones. Coconut is his absolute go to when it comes to treats.

My kids have been chomping at the bit to get at these too but I’ve kept putting them off because I needed to taste test them myself, all scientific like, you know…..for work. Ahem. I waited until they were at school then I carefully opened all three bags and one by one, pulled a bite from each. I wallowed in the silence and sipped some coffee in preparation for my little indulgence. It felt like an indulgence but really it wasn’t, LÄRABAR bites are are made from real food with 8-9 simple ingredients like dates, nuts and chocolate and there’s only 13g of sugar in FOUR bites.


My favourite is the mint chocolate. These are so good that I’m going to put them out for the holidays along side the cookies and pretzels. My weird friend Kyla suggested that I build a tower with them. I laughed at first but actually, it would be kind of impressive! They’re awfully pretty don’t you think? It’s nice to have an option that is a bit less sugary for me to pick at as I trim the tree and deck the halls.


Of course, the kids came home from school and immediately assessed that I had done my taste test and that these snacks were now on the open market. “Yes,” I said, “You can have some. But only a couple!” Two or three bites is a perfect after school snack because they are a sweet that won’t ruin their dinner. They think they’re getting a treat (which they are, they’re delicious) when in reality, I know that they’re eating something that’s good for them.

All three LÄRABAR Bites flavours are gluten free, vegan, dairy free and kosher so they’re the perfect offering no matter who you have visiting at your home this holiday season. If you haven’t tried these yet pick up a bag!

Felt Christmas Coaster DIY


Oh you guys! I’ve been having SO MUCH FUN with machine embroidery! If you’ve been following on Instagram then you’ll know I’ve been working to learn what it’s all about. Brother Canada kindly sent me their Innovis 990D to play with. They also sent me PE Design 10 software so I can make my own embroidery designs. The process has been so much to learn but also incredible. The feeling of having an idea, then sketching it out on my iPad, then embroidering it out in real life and holding it in my hands is such a thrill. I’ll never tire of it!


Now that I have a few projects under my belt I feel confident enough to offer this little design file as a free download so you can use it in your embroidery sewing machine. You’ll be able to make these fun, festive felt Christmas ball coasters in no time. The download file has complete instructions and file formats for various machines for you to enjoy.


This design was pretty simple and I was able to put it together with the built in motif stitches in PE Design 10 in not too much time. I’ve designed it so that you can stitch this in multiple colours or all in one colour. I preferred mine all in white stitching on bright felt but you can do whatever you wish!

If you have an embroidery machine then I hope you’ll download this and have a go at making these fun coasters! If you don’t, I hope I’ve piqued your interest into the possibility of what can be achieved with one.  The Innovis 990D comes equipped with quite a few Disney images plus borders, motif stitches, flowers and lettering too. I’ll keep sharing what I make with this machine, it’s inspired a whole new sort of crafting for me and I’m super excited to share it with you guys.


Cranberry Orange Sweet Rolls

If you’re looking for something new to add to your Christmas morning brunch or if you want something to take to a neighbour during the holiday season then this is it. These sweet buns taste like the holidays but are a nice alternative to the usual cinnamon and ginger flavours. They aren’t staying in my ‘holidays only’ recipe box however because I think these would be fab at any time of the year!


This recipe starts with a sweet brioche dough. Brioche includes eggs and butter for a rich, tender dough that is perfect for sweet rolls or dinner buns. It rises well and tastes heavenly on it’s own, never mind with orange and cranberry added in!


After your dough has risen on the counter, roll it out to about a 10×14 size rectangle that’s about a half inch thick. The filling is then layered in before rolling it up and slicing.


Roll up these gorgeous buns and place them in a 9×13 glass baking dish that has been sprayed with non-stick spray for their second rise. Most brioche recipes call for refrigerating the dough first before rolling and forming the buns. I didn’t do that and I had no problems with how these turned out. If you wanted to though, you could refrigerate the dough overnight before rolling, assembling and allowing the second rise in the morning. This would be a great tactic for getting these on the table for Christmas.


I glazed these with a simple icing sugar glaze but you can leave them bare – they’re sweet enough to do so. It’s up to you. These sweet cranberry and orange rolls are amazing when they’re still a little warm and perfect to put on your brunch table for Christmas morning. They’re a nice alternative to the standard cinnamon bun!

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Cranberry Orange Sweet Rolls
Recipe type: Sweets, Breakfast
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
  • Dough
  • 2¼ tsp active dry yeast
  • 1 cup warm milk
  • ½ cup granulated sugar
  • 4 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • ⅓ cup softened butter
  • 2 eggs
  • Filling
  • ½ cup dried cranberries
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 1 large navel orange, zested and juiced
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • Glaze
  • 1½ cups powdered icing sugar
  • ¼ cup cream or milk
  • 1 tbsp orange juice
  1. Dough
  2. Fit your stand mixer with a dough hook
  3. Add your yeast to the milk, stir and set aside. If your milk is cold from the fridge, zap it for 30 seconds or so in your microwave before you add the yeast.
  4. Add the sugar, flour and salt to the bowl of your stand mixer and stir to incorporate. Add the eggs, butter and yeast mixture. Stir on low until incorporated and then turn the machine up to med/high to knead the dough. Allow it to run about 5 min until the dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl and makes a ball on your hook. If the dough sticks to the sides and does not leave a clean bowl, sprinkle in some more flour about a tbsp at a time until it comes together. If the dough is dry and does not form a ball, add a tbsp of milk at a time until it comes together.
  5. Remove the dough to your counter top and knead by hand to form into a nice round ball. Cover in a bowl and allow to rise on your counter 1 -2 hours or until doubled in size. If you wanted to bake these in the morning put your dough into the fridge overnight. Otherwise continue by making the filling.
  6. Filling
  7. Add all filling ingredients to a small pot and cook over medium heat until the butter and sugar has melted. Allow to bubble for 3-5 min but stir well as you do so. Set aside to cool.
  8. Assembly
  9. After your dough has risen, roll it out on a floured surface to about a 10x14" size that is about a half inch thick. Spoon your filling over the dough, reserving 3-4 table spoons of liquid in the pot.
  10. Roll into a log and slice 12 buns. Carefully transfer sliced buns to a prepared pan and pour the remaining filling liquid over the top. Allow a second rise until the buns are at the top of the pan - about 45 min to an hour. Bake at 400 for 13-15 min.
  11. Glaze
  12. Whisk glaze ingredients in a small bowl and pour over the top of the mostly cooled buns. Serve.


Free Colouring Page Download

Hi friends! I’ve been doodling quite a bit lately with this Amaziograph app on my iPad and it is such good entertainment! I thought that turning these into colouring pages would be fun so I did one and here it is. Free to you for visiting me now and then because I appreciate that so much. If you like it, let me know and I’ll continue to offer them for downloading.  Enjoy!


To print: Click on the image above. You will need Adobe Acrobat or a similar PDF viewer. When you print the file click on “fit” under page sizes and handling, in order to fit the image to an 8.5 x 11 standard sheet of printer paper.

Tack it up on a cork board.  Tuck it into a frame.  Stick it to the fridge.  It’s up to you. This file is free to you for personal use because I appreciate that you stop by now and then.

Basic Canister Makeover



You might have canisters like this in your home and if you don’t then you know someone who does! These basic glass canisters with stainless steel lids are so fantastic for storage in the kitchen. They’re easy to clean and hold pretty much anything you can toss their way. Canisters like these ones from aren’t just for the kitchen though! I’m in the process of setting up a sewing and craft room and things are getting hairy in there. I was in HUGE need of a way to store my sewing bits and bobbins because it was a giant mess and things were becoming hard to find. These canisters are just what I needed but I decided to #DIYMyWay and spiffy them up a bit.


As I’ve shared a few times on social, Brother Canada sent me a sewing and embroidery machine so I thought this was a great way to jump into a project and get my feet wet. I started on my iPad by hand lettering an idea of the text I wanted to use. My machine has fantastic pre-loaded fonts but I wanted these to be a bit more personal and I love the hand lettered items we are seeing lately. From my iPad I loaded the graphic into the embroidery software and I added the little thread spool and thimble graphics too. After that, I set up the simple muslin fabric in the embroidery hoop and let the machine do its thing!


Here’s the back so you can see what I did. I used a tear away stabilizer and ironed the edges down for a straight edge. I added a little ruffle on the top and bottom and stitched it into place. This project is a great way to use up some fabric scraps and you can make them in any colour theme to suit your room. I sized the labels to measure approximately 3″ wide but you can customize them to any size you wish.


Once the labels were complete I simply attached them to the canisters with hot glue. As a beginning seamstress this was a fun project to learn about the functions of my machine AND make something useful to help me stay organized. I also hot glued a pin cushion tomato to the top of the ‘notions’ jar for easy access. Now it won’t roll away on me!


I’m so pleased with how these turned out! Grab a set of canisters and use them in a creative way – they’d make a wonderful gift for someone who needs a bit of organization in their life too. I can’t wait to further explore what this embroidery machine can do and now I’ll be organized as I figure out which foot to use when and how to do a button hole.


I chose to leave the ruffle off the button jar because I wanted to add buttons as decoration instead but really, there is no end to what you could do with these basic glass canisters. These would be great in any craft room to hold paint and craft supplies too. I might need to order another set!


*thank you to Brother Canada for providing equipment to facilitate this post

Bathroom Makeover

What do you do when you don’t think a gut job reno is a good idea financially but you HATE your ensuite bathroom?

The housing market in Fort St. John had hit a low right as we were buying this house and we didn’t know if it would continue to go lower. The current oil and gas climate has towns like this one in a state of uncertainty. Still, we had to spend at the top of our budget to get this home and we were willing to pay it because of the location. If things continued to slide, the location would ensure this home remained desirable. All this means that gutting a bathroom and doing a full reno is a risky endeavour. Would we get the value back if it turned out we had to move again in two years or less? What about 5 years? We just didn’t know. We weren’t willing to gamble our little nest egg on an ensuite and so I took matters into my own hands.bathroom-makeover-before-collage

Leaving it as is was not an option for me. There was a HUGE metal magazine rack above the toilet that I’d removed before I took my ‘before’ photos – that’s how much I hated it. And there was the vinyl toilet seat that I replaced because I COULD NOT stand it. Those were just two problems. We also had towel racks in odd places – the hand towel was behind the sink? And do you stand in the tub to hang up your towel after you shower across the room? The one with the swing arms was at the door so you could brain yourself on it when you stumbled in to pee in the night. We had clutter magnet shelves that were always full of mess. We had a builder basic mirror and beige boring walls. Please pardon the horribleness in our before photos – we had just moved in and things were still in chaos.


First I ripped down everything that had to go – the mirror, the shelves, the weird towel bars, the light fixture and the nick nack shelves. It left a lot of holes. A lot. I got to work filling and sanding and then I painted. I chose a grey with a slight purple tone to it. I picked this colour because it works well with the tile. Before they read peachy and now they read a bit more on the brown side which I prefer.


It’s so much better now! While I would like to tear out the vanity and install two sinks – this one was in good shape and wasn’t offensive with it’s simple white finish so we kept it. The counter top is grey and while it’s not stone, it’s in good enough shape that tossing it would be a waste. I did update the drawer pulls with the crystal ones from my daughter’s dresser. It was no longer fitting her needs so we replaced it but I kept the knobs and I’m so glad I did! I replaced the mirror with these pretty tray style mirrors. I do wish they were a little bigger but they weren’t available in a larger size and I liked them so much – and the price too – that I went with them and I’m glad I did. You don’t need to have two sinks to define a space for each spouse. Separating one mirror into two does the job well.


Another reason I wanted to have two mirrors instead of one is that it made space to put the hand towel holder in a better spot. I found this fun antler ring locally at the same store that I bought the light fixture. It’s so much better than turning around with dripping hands to find the towel behind you. A little wire basket above balances out the space and provides storage for face cloths or an extra hand towel. I also added a little wire basket on the toilet tank for rolls of TP as I haven’t hung the new holder yet (bad blogger!) I figured this room as complete enough to share without it 😉


What we’re looking at here is the reason this bathroom needs a gut job. There is a GIGANTIC two person Jacuzzi tub that may have felt luxurious at the time the house was built but now – it’s an inefficient use of space. I love a good bath but the jets are noisy and require lots of maintenance to keep germs down plus filling this thing requires emptying the hot water tank not once but twice! It’s pretty ridiculous when you consider that the shower at the other end of the room is so tiny that it’s almost unusable. bathtub

I replaced the dangerous swing arm bar with a simple hook and it’s not shown but I added a towel bar down next to that vanity mirror so it’s within reach when getting out of the shower. I love the simple feather artwork that replaced the hideous magazine rack and I splurged and bought new towels too.


On the counter I added some fun air plants in seashells and yes, that’s a butter dish. It’s perfect for storing little bobby pins and hair ties. I am not one for fussy things and I love that we can now keep the counters clutter free because those shelves are no longer asking us to set things on them. There is plenty of storage in the vanity for everything we need.


The new light fixture is pretty fun. The mirrored background throws light around and the wires create some interesting shadow patterns on the walls. I don’t know if you can really sell well in the photo but there are little crystals there too which coordinate with the crystal knobs on the vanity.


While I would like to remove that Jacuzzi and put in a larger shower the sort of budget that includes moving plumbing and replacing tile just wasn’t in the cards here. Not being able to recuperate those dollars if we had to sell this home in a short period of time meant there really was no other option but to make do with a paint and mirrors face lift. Now it feels fresh and clean and it functions better with towel bars in the right places so I’m happy with it. It’s a very pretty space and it feels like home.


Wayfair – Tray Mirrors $93

Wayfair – Luxury Cotton Towel Sets $68

I bought locally and this was the only online listing I could find for the Antler Towel Ring – $24

The Air plants came from Safeway’s floral department

The artwork is from Winners

13 Things to watch on Netflix this Halloween

I love watching old favourites around holidays and Halloween is no exception. Whether you’re watching with the kids or snuggling up with your spouse or friends something spooky is just what you need to put you in the spirit of Halloween.

I wish I had a photo to show you but last year we set up our projector in the driveway and played Scooby Doo on the garage door for the trick-or-treators. I streamed it right from Netflix and it was a HUGE neighbourhood hit! If you have a projector, it’s absolutely something to try out.

Here are a few ideas for Spooky Halloween shows to watch on Netflix this year


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Of all the Tim Burton films out there, this one will always have a place in my heart.

Bates Motel

If you haven’t watched this yet YOU SHOULD. There are 3 seasons of creepy, weird, incredible story, ready for the taking.

Sleepy Hollow

My husband and I have been watching this movie annually on Halloween since forever. It’s not Halloween without it!


Who you gonna call? This classic is perfect for a family movie night.

Shrek’s Swamp Stories

Need something for the little ones? This is sure to be a hit.

Witches: A Century Of Murder

There’s a whole season to binge on here. If you’re into British History, this might be for you.

Child’s Play 2 or 3

Having a Halloween party? Play this in the background for a soundtrack of screams and eee eee eee sounds. Hilarious.


Yes, it’s my favourite. Yes, I’m going to talk about it forever. You could start watching it this Halloween and continue all year long. There are SO MANY EPISODES!


The movie franchise you loved has turned into a TV series and that means….binge it up. There are 2 seasons!

The Walking Dead

Are you wondering what everyone is talking about? Zombies yes, but SO much more. If you’re not the sort to get nightmares then you’d best dive into the 6 seasons available and get with the pop culture program.

The Others

I really liked this movie and it was more the suspenseful sort than the gory sort which I often prefer. Nicole Kidman is always a delight.

Stranger Things


72 Cutest Animals

After all that scary weirdness, you’ll need a palate cleanser.

There you go. Load up Netflix, search for one of these titles and let Halloween begin!

A Dozen Ways to Eat Hard Boiled Eggs


There are a few kitchen tricks that I try to follow on a regular basis which make life just SO much easier. One is to have a bowl of hard boiled eggs cooked, cooled and ready to go. When I buy eggs I use the freshest ones for frying and baking and when they have been kicking around in the fridge for a week or two, I then put on a pot of water to boil and cook them up in their shells. Older eggs are great for hard boiling because they’re so much easier to peel than very fresh eggs. After cooking they still stay delicious for a week or more in the fridge making them the perfect thing to grab when you’re short on time.

Here are a dozen ways to grab those cooked and ready to go boiled eggs and quickly turn them into something yummy for lunch or dinner!



It takes very little time to put together an amazing bowl of ramen. It’s a complete meal and won’t steer you wrong for lunch. Whether you make the instant sort from a packet or have real broth on hand, a bowl of ramen topped with an egg and a splash of sriracha is so amazing. Toss in any other leftovers or a bit of fresh greens and you’re good to go!

Chef’s Salad

The beauty of a chef’s salad is that you can put one together every day and never have the same combo of ingredients in the bowl. Switch up the cheese, meat, greens – add croutons or don’t. Do add a hard boiled egg now and then for a salad that will keep you filled up until dinner time or even as a complete dinner!

Egg Salad Sandwich

It might sound old fashioned but there are numerous ways to dress up egg salad for sandwiches. Add some spice with hot sauce or some crunch with sunflower seeds. Layer in sprouts or lettuce or do a green avocado mayo. Make it yours!

As part of charcuterie plate

One of my favourite ways to have lunch (and my kids’ too!) is to just make up a plate of what I have handy. It’s fast, easy and requires no cooking. A bit of lunch meat, a pickle, a few slices of cheese, a bunch of grapes and a sliced up egg and there you have it. Lunch in 5 minutes!

Egg and Avocado on Toast

This is pretty self explanatory. Take some avocado, smear it on toast, top with slices of boiled egg, salt and pepper, and breakfast has almost made itself.

Scotch Eggs

If you want something special to serve at brunch then give a scotch egg a go.


These make a super quick lunch or an easy dinner for those days when you’re rushing kids to extra curricular activities. You could even have these for breakfast. In your non stick frying pan, place a tortilla. Chop up your hard boiled egg, add some cheese and green pepper, layer over the tortilla in the pan over medium heat. Top with a second tortilla. When the bottom one is toasty, flip. Slice and serve with salsa and sour cream. Yum!

Spinach Salad

I love a great spinach salad and hard boiled egg makes it SO much better. As does bacon if you have it on hand. Drizzle a lovely poppy seed dressing over the top and you’re good to go. I usually toss in some sunflower seeds too.

Deviled Eggs

Just like egg salad, this is an old fashioned idea that can be turned into whatever you can dream up. Make them spicy or not. Add avocado or not. And don’t fear making just one or two for yourself – it’s not very difficult to make a few instead of a whole platter.

Breakfast Wrap

Breakfast wraps are a saviour for busy mornings. Grab a wrap, chop up your egg, add in some ham, sprinkle in some grated cheese and a bit of green onion if you have it and you’re off to start your day.


On Soup

If you have a creamy soup that is delicious but a little light on protein then top it off with a sliced egg for a complete meal. Eggs are perfect over a cream of potato soup or cream of mushroom soup. So good!

On it’s own!

If I’m feeling fancy then I might slice it open and sprinkle it with salt and pepper but the most common way I eat a hard boiled egg is as I’m running out he door. I do not do well on an empty stomach, especially if I’m going grocery shopping, but sometimes there isn’t time enough to sit down for a full meal. Instead of being hungry I have a hard boiled egg and it always tides me over until there’s time for a proper lunch.

If you missed my last post you’ll want to check out the video below. The Egg Farmer’s of Canada has put together this fun video showcasing the goodness of eggs. In Canada and around the world, egg farmers collectively support close to 200 community programs, causes, charities and events.