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Comics, Cosplay, and Satan Oh My!

Calgary Comic Expo

Last weekend was Calgary Expo and this was my third year attending.  If you haven’t gone yet, you are missing out.  Put it in your calendar for next year and get yourself there. 2016’s expo is April 28 – May 1. Over 100,000 people visited the grounds for the highest attendance in Expo history.  I […]

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My word


Did you pick a word?  Back in January, resolution time, I picked a word that I wanted to define 2015.  My word was “Enrich.”  I wanted to focus time on energy enriching my life, my kids’ lives and my community too.  And I wasn’t talking about money, although money helps.  No, what I was thinking […]

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Vintage Bentwood Rocking Chair Makeover

thonet bentwood rocker hole in cane

I always remember the ones that get away.  The second hand items that I don’t have room in the car for, the beauties that need just too much work, the treasures that are priced just a bit too high for my liking.  I remember them and pine for them and continuously hunt for them so […]

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Capturing Goals

blogging photos

1) Food Photography & Lighting: A Commercial Photographer’s Guide To Creating Irresistible Images 2) Custom Camera Strap from ten8e 3) Canon EOS 70D Digital Field Guide 4) Custom Smartphone cover from iMaketheCase  One of my goals for 2015 has been to improve my photography.  So far the process has been neither easy nor inexpensive.  As […]

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The Flavour Hunt is on!

Gluten free hot cross buns

One of my most favorite things about writing here is sharing recipes with you.  New ones.  Old favorites.  There’s something about being able to share those ideas with friends – it really feels nice.  Like you’re able to help someone else find a new favorite, or give someone an idea that might work in their […]

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Real Superheros are Born Through Conversation

photo copyright to Sarah Brazeau

by Sarah Brazeau What do I want my kids to be when they grow up? Do I hope that they will be doctors, play professional sports, become teachers? Not necessarily. I do hope that they will grow up to do whatever makes them happy…and that they will be superheroes! Superheroes, not like Batman or Superman, but […]

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Win! Costa Mesa Trip and Shopping Spree


I’m so excited to share this with you guys.  I’ve been telling you all about the fabulous time I had in Costa Mesa, California and now you can enter to win a trip including hotel, airfare from Calgary, and $2500 to shop at South Coast Plaza!  You want this trip, trust me.  It’s only open […]

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Costa Mesa – A More Relaxed California – Explore

seal on the beach

Beach I only managed to spend a short amount of time at the beach in California so I stuck to the nearby Huntington area and it has everything you’d want.  A pier, waves fit to surf on, sandy beach, volleyball nets, good eats and loads of sunshine.  It was only a 15 min drive to where […]

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Costa Mesa – A More Relaxed California

Avenue of the Arts Wynham

Access and Navigation I recently had the pleasure of visiting Costa Mesa, California and at first I was having heart palpitations thinking I’d have to fly into LAX.  The worst part of traveling is dealing with airports – they’re so big and so full of people and I never know where I need to be. […]

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