Eggs Benny 101

world egg day

Oh how I LOVE a good Eggs Benedict! Don’t you love it? It is honestly one of the best parts about being alive, I kid you not. Family, friends, home, mountains and eggs benny. You have those and you have a pretty great life, am I right? I think so.


Making it at home isn’t as daunting as you might think. I mean, if I can do it – you can do it! To celebrate World Egg Day I’m sharing my very best tips for making sure your attempts turn out as the dreamy indulgence Eggs Benedict is meant to be.

Sauce – Eggs benny is nothing without the hollandaise. Here’s my recipe for Hollandaise sauce as well as what to do to save your sauce if things start going wrong.

Eggs – The eggs should be medium, meaning the yolk should be runny when you cut into it but your whites should be fully cooked and firm. The eggs are best poached and to do this, set a pan of water to simmer (not boil!) over medium heat. You want no salt in the water and add just 1 tsp of white vinegar which will help the eggs hold together. Crack your egg into a small bowl, not straight into the pan. When your water is bubbling slightly take a spoon and stir around the outside edge of the pan until you have a swirling vortex. Then gently drop your egg into the center. It will swirl around and form a nice shape. If it does not stay together your egg may not be fresh. If you can, use very fresh eggs for this and it will help immensely with shape. Remove with a slotted spoon and gently jiggle to test for doneness.

Filling – Here’s where you can get creative. Ham is traditional but I also love: steamed spinach, sliced tomato, sauteed asparagus, steakhouse mushrooms, turkey, proscuitto, cheese, or salmon. You can choose whatever you have on hand!

Base – English muffins are by far my favourite but I also really like zucchini fritters or texas toast.

Garnish – I like lots of pepper and sometimes hot sauce but you might like to keep things lite with some fresh herbs. Do what feels right.

Celebrate #WorldEggDay with Egg Farmers of Canada and people around the world by sharing what you love most about eggs. Follow @eggsoeufs on Twitter and Instagram, ‘like’ Get Cracking on Facebook or visit eggs.ca for recipes and more information on World Egg Day.



Canadian egg farmers donate more than three million eggs each year to community food banks, school breakfast programs and charitable organizations, helping more people benefit from the essential protein and nutrients in eggs.

*this post has been sponsored by The Egg Farmers of Canada

Withings Scale #honeymonth

Okay my friends. This is the last #honeymonth giveaway for this year and I’m so sad that the fun is coming to an end! It’s a great prize though, this one is from TELUS and I saw for myself where smart living can take us when I had the chance to visit the TELUS future home. 

The future home was on display, way up north here in Fort St. John to celebrate the 28 million dollar investment on the TELUS PureFibre ™ network in the Peace region. This infrastructure not only helps keep us all connected but also ensures the businesses who run here are competitive. One of the first things I Googled when I found out we were moving here was “where can I get TELUS services in Fort St. John” because I just couldn’t imagine not having a blazing fast internet connection after we had become so accustomed to it in Calgary. The internet is a big part of my job after all!


The TELUS Future home showcased products, like the Withings Wifi scale available here to win, that connect us to our nutritional intake and daily activities in ways that are simple enough to actually use day to day. This scale will connect with the fitness tracker apps and nutritional apps you’re already using to provide you with more information than just your weight. Pretty smart.

In future, we will have apps and gadgets built right into our homes like the nutrition scanner and the Urban Cultivator shown above. The Urban Cultivator ($2700CAD) is available now but the nutritional scanner (that connects to your fridge’s inventory!) is still just an idea. At any rate, I’m excited to see which of these things becomes a must have, can’t live without gadget and which fall by the wayside. Enter for the scale through the widget below and good luck!


TELUS smart scale

RYOBI Tools #honeymonth

I know you’ve been waiting patiently for this one folks and I am sorry that it has taken me this long to get it posted but the time is now! RYOBI tools, available exclusively at Home Depot has provided a One+ 18v Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver And Circular Saw Kit


The RYOBI 18V ONE+ System has more than 70 tools that work with the same lithium battery platform, so you can use the same battery and charger to power all of your RYOBI tools. You can also buy bare tools so there’s no need to spend additional money on batteries and chargers every time you buy a new tool. Smart!

If there’s one thing I know about DIY it’s that having a good, reliable cordless drill is paramount to success. I have used ours so many times since we’ve moved into this house! I’m very pleased to be able to offer up this prize from RYOBI and I know you are too. Thanks for patiently waiting for it to go live, honey month has been a whirlwind! Enter through the widget below and good luck!


What we’re watching #streamteam

“What are you watching on Netflix?” It’s a question I ask people ALL THE TIME. I’m not the biggest chit chatter and I’m always looking for fodder for casual conversations. You know the sort, you have these short interactions with the checkout clerk at the grocery store, with your hairdresser, with the dental hygienist and you need to chat but weather is boring and you don’t want to get into anything too … deep.

You can learn a lot about a person by what they watch on Netflix. Don’t you think?

Me? I’m celebrating the fact that I have two children in full day school. I’ve allowed myself to wallow in peace and quiet while they are gone. It’s taken so much to get them to this point in life in once piece that I figure I deserve it. Potty training alone says that I deserve it! As such, I’m re-watching Downton Abbey! My favourite? Carson.

The husband and I have been watching Scandal after the kids go to bed. Have you watched it? You should, it’s entertaining and touches on the hot button issues of our time but it’s not too intense. I can have it on in the background while I crochet and not miss any major plot points. The writing is smart and witty and yes, the fast talking in the first episode is sort of obnoxious but get past it – the characters fall into their roles easily and it becomes less obvious. My favourite? Cyrus.

The kids LOVE The Clone Wars. Star Wars never gets old and I really love that this is a series for kids (or anyone!) with a real plot. So much of the content aimed at kids has little to no plot and relies on flashing images and silly sound bites to keep their attention. I appreciate that there is a real story here and as a parent, I’m happy to have them watching content that makes them think a little. Their favourite? Yoda

All of us have watched Zootopia for family movie night. It has such a great message and can really open up the lines of communications about tough subjects like prejudice and racism. My favourite: Flash


So tell me, what are YOU watching on Netflix? Those of you who entered the 3 month membership giveaway that ran during September seem to be into a lot of the Netflix Originals –  Stranger Things (awesome!) and OITNB (also awesome!) and Bloodline (a personal fav!)

I learned that you guys have awesome taste, but I already sort of knew that didn’t I? 😉


I’m a member of the Netflix #streamteam which means I might get a perk or two for chatting about the service. Opinions remain my own, as always. 

The bedroom reveal!

Oh you guys! I’m so excited to finally share a peek into our new home. We have been working hard with painting because EVERY WALL needed paint. When we viewed this home we thought it would need to be painted but didn’t think it was really a big deal and that we could just tackle it. Then we arrived and moved in and realized that the ceilings were much taller than we had remembered – 12 ft on the main and in the foyer, even taller. We also realized that every wall needed major patching. The previous owners did quite the number on the walls! Here’s where I started. Those chip board birds were stuck on with double sided tape to cover huge drywall anchor holes and there were butterflies on the other wall. Aye aye aye!


We bit the bullet and hired painters for those high ceiling areas and I’ve been taking on the basement and bathrooms because I could manage the height. It has been a process and I’m SO over painting!  Shout out to Artek Painting here in Fort St. John. They did a great job and I highly recommend them.


I’m glad we’ve been soldiering through because now our master bedroom is done and ready to share with the Fall Canadian Bloggers Home Tour! If you’ve surfed over from the tour welcome! If you’d like to see the rest of our rooms revealed as they are completed please do like my facebook page to keep up with me.

We picked a vintage green (Opal Silk) for this space, inspiration for the colour choice came from an old enamel coffee mug that I’ve loved. I picked it up at Inside Avenue before we left Calgary (it’s the one on the bottom.)


To bring the space into fall I’ve incorporated some cattails and it’s one of my favourite things ever. When the window is open or the furnace is on they gently sway in the breeze and it’s so calming.


I’d love to eventually place a bench between the two book cases, it’s the perfect space, but I’ve not found one that I’ve liked yet – I might DIY something. Up the stairs is our walk in closet and en-suite plus a linen closet. When we bought this house I thought I would want to paint all the wood trim out white but now that we are in here I want to keep it as it is. It’s offering so much warmth and character and it looks amazing with the paint colour. You might recognize the hand painted desk and the vintage side table I made over previously. I love that they work so well together!



On the bed we have a duvet cover, pillow covers and fitted sheet from bedface. I really love how casual this bedding is because I’m not one for fussy bedding. I like to throw the duvet over and be done with it. No hospital corners here! This cotton bedding is easy to wash and durable and oh so casual. It’s just my style and I love the way it looks. I have a set to giveaway so run and put your entry in.

The mattress is from leesa.ca. Being totally honest here, I expected to not really like this mattress. I expected that it would be ‘good enough’ for the spare room. We put it on our bed just to trial it out and it is not going anywhere. We both like this mattress! We have foam beds for the kids rooms from Ikea and they are okay. The Ikea mattresses had a very strong chemical smell when we first opened them and they took a few days to plump up so I expected the same for the leesa mattress. Not so. There was no smell, it plumped up right away and we slept on it that night with no issue. The convenience of ordering a mattress online and unwrapping it right on your bed is pretty fantastic, I have to say. Free shipping. 100 night guarantee. Easy return policy. There isn’t much to lose here.

A secret? Don’t tell okay? The throw on the end of the bed is….a table cloth. Use what you have people! I love the colour it brings to the bedding and the cotton is the same weight as the bedface duvet cover so it really works well.


My goal for this entire house is to use things I love be them vintage or new. I want to embrace our Northern Canadian location and have a calm sense of colour and warmth. I think we’ve done it with this bedroom and I don’t think I’ve been this happy with a space in a long time. It’s perfectly us and comfy and livable for a busy home with little kids. I find myself just hanging out there quite often!


I’m sure things will evolve over time. I’d like to add the bench and maybe some curtains. The dresser needs a lick of paint and new hardware too. I wasn’t going to wait until it was perfect to share though. What’s perfect? We’ve been here 2 months now and things are starting to feel like home, and my home isn’t one of perfection.

Now it’s time to head over and visit my fellow Canadian bloggers for their home tours! See the links below and enjoy. You’d better put some coffee on, you can make a morning (or afternoon) of it!


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Thank you to leesa and bedface for providing product for this post. Opinions remain my own.

bedface sheets #honeymonth


The fine people at bedface sent me a set (duvet cover, fitted sheet, pillow cases) for our bed a while ago – before we moved. So I’ve had a long time to use these sheets and see how they wear etc. This is casual bedding that will wash well and last forever. If you’re a toss the duvet over the whole mess and get on with your day sort of person, as I am, then this prize is for you.

bedface sheets are 100% cotton with a thicker, looser weave meaning that it breathes well, lasts long, and feels more textured. To me, it feels more like a good quality cotton table cloth and I appreciate the durability and structure that lends over traditional bedding that will pill and wear thin. These will last a long, long time.

I love that this is a Canadian company with a 100 night guarantee. The set available to win is just like mine – it will fit a Queen sized bed and is light grey/blue and white in colour. Enter to win below and good luck!



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Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Chips


Fall is here and it’s time to embrace oven cooked comfort foods and entertaining indoors instead of out. Now that it’s no longer too hot to turn on the oven I wanted to try making some sweet potato chips. I’ve loved root veggie chips for ages now but it’s so expensive to buy them. I’d heard of people making them in the oven but I’d never tried it on my own.

I brought out my much beloved food processor which has a handy adjustable slicing blade for this and set it to a 1.5 but you could use a mandoline slicer just as easily.


All it takes is three ingredients to have healthy, oven baked sweet potato chips on the table and they make a great appetizer to serve guests or like us, a fantastic after school snack! My kids came home and saw this on the table and they went nuts for it. I was satisfied that they were getting a healthy snack and it wasn’t too much to ruin their dinner. They used these chips to scoop up some roasted red pepper Sabra hummusroot-veggie-chips-with-hummus

I also made some beet root chips the same way and it worked pretty well except that my beets were quite little and I really underestimated the amount that they would shrink! I’d do it again with beets but I’d just buy some larger ones. This technique should work well for any root veggie. Try parsnips or turnips too!

Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Chips
Recipe type: Appetizer
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4 servings
You can have oven roasted sweet potato chips on the table in no time. What a perfect after school snack!
  • 2 medium sized sweet potatoes
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • Pinch salt
  1. Preheat oven to 375. If you have convection, now is a great time to use it. The circulating air helps evenly cook the chips.
  2. Prepare two sheet pans with parchment paper.
  3. Peel and slice your sweet potatoes and add slices to a bowl. Drizzle them with olive oil and toss.
  4. Lay slices in one single layer with a bit of space between them - you don't want any over lapping or touching each other.
  5. Bake 15-30 min or until slightly browned. You want your chips to curl up at the edges and be evenly toasted. Removing the chips, sprinkle with salt then allow to cool before serving. They should crisp up more as they cool. If they have cooled and still aren't crisp - return them to the oven for a few more minutes.


These were pretty easy to make and the biggest tip I can give you is to watch them pretty closely near the end. If they’re starting to turn very dark then they are a bit over done. You want to catch them before they get to that point but it happens quickly. I would love to give you a more precise baking time but it will depend on the thickness of your chips and your oven.

We’re always looking for new ways to eat more veggies at home, especially to accompany one of our go-to snacks, Sabra Hummus. We love the smooth, creamy taste – perfect for a dip – and it’s loaded with delicious toppings. Our household favourite flavour? Roasted Red Pepper.

I loved how tasty and wholesome this snack is and I think this is one recipe that will get easier and easier the more you make it. I know there are many, many batches in my future!

Bouncing Off The Walls decor #honeymonth

Yay! It’s time for another Honey Month giveaway! This prize is near and dear to my heart as we have one with our family name on it and it’s one of my most favourite pieces of home decor. We will love it always and it will be something that we keep on the walls forever. I can’t imagine that a day could come where we want to take it down.

This prize is a hand made, hand painted, custom, barn board look sign from Bouncing Off The Walls decor. You will get to choose the colours and font and it will be made to the best size to fit your word or name.


These barnboard look name signs are great for a family name, wedding decor or a child’s nursery or bedroom! The backdrop is one solid piece of wood that is designed to look like rustic barnboard. The name is cut separately in the font of your choice and attached on top. Three sizes to choose from depending on the name length.

Small: 1 – 3 Letters – 22×13.5″
Medium: 4 – 8 Letters – 30×18.5″
Large: 9 – 13 Letters – 42×26″
Price range is $160 – $225 depending on size.


These custom signs made amazing wedding or anniversary gifts and you should check out her facebook page because Kristina posts things there as she works on them and you’ll have so many ideas you’ll want it all. Kristina hand paints all her items, she’s an extremely talented and creative artist!

Enter to win through the widget below and good luck!


Bouncing off the Walls decor

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LG G5 Smartphone from TELUS #honeymonth

Next up for Honey Month is the LG G5 smartphone from TELUS.

I’ve been a die hard Samsung fan as far as phones go for a long, long time and this G5 from LG makes me consider switching. This is an outstanding phone and one of the biggest features is that it has a removable battery. YES. Removable, so you can pop in a second one if you find that you’ve snap chatted just a bit much that day. It also has a wide angle lens on the camera which means you can get pretty creative with your photos. If’ you love to take pics of mountains or beaches this might be something you’d love.


Get more out of your device and services. Even if you’re an Android wiz, the TELUS Learning Centre Experts might still have a tip or two to show you. You can even book a free appointment at the store nearest you online at telus.com. TELUS is offering this phone in silver with 32GB of storage. It’s a fantastic prize and I want to thank TELUS for all their support over the years!  Good luck guys, this is a sweet, SWEET prize.

LG G5 Smartphone TELUS

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Hippo Hug #honeymonth

I’m really excited about this prize you guys, I know I am really excited about all of them, but THIS one is hand made by my friend’s company Hippo Hug. You may have read about Leslie Brooks in MacLean’s or The Globe and Mail lately because she has been making quite the stir with her incredible products.


Hippo Hug makes weighted comfort items like blankets and lap pads that can make a big difference in how people with sleep disorders get a good night’s rest. They aren’t just for people with big issues getting to sleep either, if you are like me and carry stress around in your shoulders then this beautiful weighted shoulder wrap is for you. Wear it when you’re working at your desk and it will keep you warm and relaxed. People with ADHD may also find that this gentle pressure helps them to focus.


This shoulder wrap is beautifully hand made in blues with a batik print on one side and a marbled flannel on the other. It weighs 10 lbs and measures 20″x 50″ This wrap is designed for older children or adults (or someone weighing at least 50lbs.) I want it, look how gorgeous it is! But it’s not for me, it’s for one of you. Enter through the widget below and good luck!


Hippo Hug Honey Month

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