Gingerbread Happiness

Little H and I put this Gingerbread House together the other day. I had no idea how much joy some pre-fab cookie pieces, icing and candies could bring to a little girl. She enjoyed this activity immensely and I think we created a new family tradition! This is an Our Compliments Gingerbread House kit from […]

How a Pregnant Mom Goes Insane Before 7.30 AM

4.45am – Husbands alarm clock goes off 5.15am – Husband opens and closes multiple baby gates and the front door as he takes the dog out to pee. 5.30am – Husband re-opens and closes multiple baby gates and the front door as he brings dog back in. 5.31am – Husband leaves for work. 5.32am – […]

Avocado Shrimp (or Scallop!) Summer Salad

Two recipes in one week?  I know you must be shocked and awed to know that I can actually cook from time to time.  This recipe is the perfect example of how to make your dinner simple and not sweat the details.  You know how sometimes, despite your best efforts, planning and skills, a project […]

Breathing Room

There are times in life when you want everything to be ok but don’t want to hope just in case. Such times include the first stages of pregnancy. In case things don’t work out. In case it hurts. In case it changes who you are. In case your heart breaks. In case you can’t go […]

5 Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners – How to Taste Like a Pro

I know what you’re thinking…what does a pro taste like?  Silly you. You’re meant to taste the wine. It’s much, much more satisfying 🙂  So how does one go about learning to taste wine?  I went to my very first wine tasting last week and it was very overwhelming.  I had no idea how much […]