Lessons learned while Chasing Bubbles

The moment I blew liquid soap through a plastic yellow wand,  bubbles caught on a breath of air, twisted and flew out of sight behind an evergreen tree.  She turned and ran, chasing after them even though the wind which carried them was much faster than she would ever be.  I called for her to […]

Simple, Creative Entertainment in dough form

Home-made Salt Play Dough We’ve never really been fans of commercial clay products.  They get mushed into carpet and turn to cement. But I have great memories of playing with them as a kid and I want my Little H to have those memories as well. I know she’s only two, and sculpting is a […]

PR Blackout ~ I'll be participating

Sometimes I post things that aren’t necessarily about me or creativity.  Sometimes I post things that maybe highlight a company or product I believe in, or a person I believe in.  Sometimes I post giveaways because I think it’s a great way to have a little fun and maybe shoot one of my loyal readers […]

We all deserve to make it to the top

Writer and Mom Meagan Francis has published her own version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs – the Mother’s Hierarchy of needs at her site The Happiest Mom. At the top of her pyramid she lists some things that aren’t necessary for survival, or a measure of self worth or friendships even, but things that are […]

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