Crochet Heart Shaped Box of Face Scrubbies

These cotton crochet face scrubbies and their matching storage basket are all made with size 4 cotton yarn and a size 5mm hook. Work your stitches fairly tightly so your basket maintains it’s good form. You will also need scissors and a large gauge needle. This free crochet pattern is […]

Faux Cable Crochet Blanket

When I was a little girl of about 9 years old, the same age my daughter is now, I went away to Brownie camp. Or was it Girl Guides at that age? I can’t remember. I do remember, however, the project that I completed to get my seamstress badge. My […]

The Magic of Crochet

There’s something absolutely magical about taking one tiny, insignificant thing and adding another and another until you have something you can hold in your hand, something that can serve a purpose – something beautiful. In a way, crochet is a bit like writing. Stitch by stitch, row by row, a […]

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