bedface sheets #honeymonth

The fine people at bedface sent me a set (duvet cover, fitted sheet, pillow cases) for our bed a while ago – before we moved. So I’ve had a long time to use these sheets and see how they wear etc. This is casual bedding that will wash well and last […]

Bouncing Off The Walls decor #honeymonth

Yay! It’s time for another Honey Month giveaway! This prize is near and dear to my heart as we have one with our family name on it and it’s one of my most favourite pieces of home decor. We will love it always and it will be something that we […]

LG G5 Smartphone from TELUS #honeymonth

Next up for Honey Month is the LG G5 smartphone from TELUS. I’ve been a die hard Samsung fan as far as phones go for a long, long time and this G5 from LG makes me consider switching. This is an outstanding phone and one of the biggest features is […]

Hippo Hug #honeymonth

I’m really excited about this prize you guys, I know I am really excited about all of them, but THIS one is hand made by my friend’s company Hippo Hug. You may have read about Leslie Brooks in MacLean’s or The Globe and Mail lately because she has been making quite the stir […]

Breville Tea Maker #honeymonth

Next in our honey month line-up is this beautiful tea maker from Breville! I can tell you from experience, after using the waffle maker and the coffee pot and the food processor, Breville products are very high quality. Yes, they are a little more money but they are WORTH it […]

Netflix Love – #honeymonth

I’m really, REALLY excited to say that I’m on the Netflix Stream Team this year. Netflix has been near and dear to my heart since we first signed up and binge watching became the only way to really enjoy tv. Last year my husband was away and I was home […]

Taking the Leap

This is the second post in my short series about taking a leap and getting back to a focus on health after a knock back last year. It has been so so hard to overcome this fatigue and get myself on the treadmill. SO HARD. I’ve resorted to using mind […]

Breville YouBrew Coffee Maker

Coffee runs the gamut from high tech to low.  There are very primitive devices that work pretty dang well and there are brewers that scan information on how to make your joe from barcodes.  It’s pretty incredible. One thing I do know is that coffee is loved no matter how […]

Best Gluten Free Foods at the Supermarket

I’m not a huge ‘ready made’ foods buyer. If I can make it from scratch I usually try to – mostly for economic reasons but also for health reasons. I like to control the sugar we consume. But there are times when I lay in bed 15 min too long […]