Is a Dyson worth it? What about a Roomba?

Vacuum cleaners. You gotta have em. At least we do with our fur shedding beasts and crumb dusting children. I have had WAY more vacuum cleaners than I would care to admit and when it comes to these essential home care appliances you have so many options. So, do you […]

How to Download from Netflix

Netflix announced BIG news yesterday! If you’ve always wanted to watch Netflix content when you’re off line, on a plane or just visiting a spot with a spotty connection now you can! It’s easy too. If you’re using an app on your device that allows the feature you should see […]

13 Things to watch on Netflix this Halloween

I love watching old favourites around holidays and Halloween is no exception. Whether you’re watching with the kids or snuggling up with your spouse or friends something spooky is just what you need to put you in the spirit of Halloween. I wish I had a photo to show you […]

Big (but not really bad) News

You know how it is when your brain is on one page but your heart is on another? That’s where I am right now, trying to put the words together for this post. We’ve had this in the works for months now but didn’t want to pull the trigger here […]

Let me tell you about my bra

Oy January. That month where you review the state of the world and you realize that your world could stand to get on the treadmill a little. My journey to health has been a saga. If you’ve been with me a while you might remember January of 2013. That was […]

Treats for Toys

It’s November and the stores are filling up with Christmas decor, my kids have started thinking about Santa, and there are many more kids out there who hope and dream of bounty under their tree too. Unfortunately, not every child will find a present just for them this year. I’m […]

Kindergarten Blues

Nate is my last baby. We are all in agreement that our family is complete with two adults and two children. I am ready to regain a little independence and to begin putting myself back in a place where it’s okay to make myself a priority in some instances. I […]

How to Choose the Perfect Knife

Few items in your kitchen are as important as your knives.  You’ll use them for nearly every meal you create yet choosing a knife has left me with severe buyer’s remorse in the past.  I’ve had knives that gave me blisters and ones that never kept their edge despite incessant […]

Monster High Birthday Bash

My oldest baby just turned 8. She has changed so much in the last year – going from a child into a tween was a jarring transformation for me.  She has navigated the mean girl waters with grace and has made a few close friends.  They are interesting to watch […]

In carrying on tradition

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthday gatherings, Sunday dinner.  All of these family get togethers usually ended the same way.  The adults would clear the dishes and the cards would come out.  As a small child, I would play with toys or colouring on the floor beside the table and as I […]

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