Capturing Goals

1) Food Photography & Lighting: A Commercial Photographer’s Guide To Creating Irresistible Images 2) Custom Camera Strap from ten8e 3) Canon EOS 70D Digital Field Guide 4) Custom Smartphone cover from iMaketheCase  One of my goals for 2015 has been to improve my photography.  So far the process has been […]

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A few days ago, Jack Frost decorated town for the holidays.  Every tree received a glistening coat of white hoarfrost.  Hoarfrost occurs when there’s humidity in the air when the temperature plunges.  This humidity freezes in the air and deposits onto the trees as it falls.  It is often formed […]

In the Age of the Mean Girl

I look to the shampoo chair and she’s beaming as the stylist scrubs, washes and conditions her hair.  I explain that months ago, she’d cut her own hair and it had taken ages to grow long enough for a proper cut.  I agreed that she could have it chin length, […]

Dear Diary – Girl Gone Hormonal Edition

Dear Diary, My mind is disturbed for a number of reasons tonight and so I am going to attempt to write about it in the hopes that I’ll be able to sleep afterwards. And it will be difficult because sometimes my grandmother reads this blog and the thought of her […]

Dear Diary – Summer edition

    Dear Diary, It’s been a while eh?  Well, things have been ticking along and day to day there’s not much weighing on me.  I suppose that’s a good thing.  I’m writing today because I’m struggling lately with my children.  It’s summer.  We have nothing to do.  For me, […]

I Don’t Even Know how to Title this

Generally speaking, I don’t care much about what people think of me. I don’t care what they think of my clothes or my car or how I raise my kids. I just don’t. I am going to do what I’m going to do and if that’s a problem for someone […]

10 Tips for a Memorable Easter Egg Hunt

“Hey Nate, what’s your favorite part of Easter?” I asked him. “Finding Easter Eggs!” he answered. The fun is absolutely in the hunt and often, the treasure we find is a bonus.  This year, make your hunt special by following these 10 tips: Do: Hide a variety of items. Use […]

Don’t Pity Me

  Last week I ran into the store, two kids in tow looking for cat food.  We found a bag and went to the till.  Both kids were restless, it was afternoon and they wanted to get home and have a snack.  My little guy was particularly rambunctious – touching […]

Dear Diary – One Year Down

It was a year ago that I wrote this post.  One year, 37 pounds and 4 sizes.  Last year I wrote about my need to get healthier and the process which brought about the start for me.  Since then I’ve changed a lot about how I eat and what I […]

Dear Diary – October Edition

I feel like I’m swimming in the wind a bit these days. Floating along and passing time completing tasks but not really, consciously, going anywhere. Not sure why. I’m not sure if this is ok or not. I’m leaning toward not. And maybe it just means it’s time to review […]

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