Have you tried these?

It’s a super busy time of year isn’t it? We’ve had karate tournaments, parent teacher interviews, holiday preparations and more. In between that stuff boxes have been arriving and when I opened this particular box everyone got excited. “Don’t eat all of those when I’m at work,” my husband said […]

Kids, Money, and Regrets

When I had my first baby I wanted to set up a savings account for her and we did. We deposited money she was given at birthdays and holidays. I squirreled away every cheque that ever fluttered out of a greeting card. It lasted two years and then I got […]

Picky Eater?

My daughter has become very interested in getting hands on in the kitchen.  She’s watched a few shows on TV where kids are cooking and creating meals and talking about food.  She’s been bitten by the ‘foodie’ bug, there’s no doubt about it.  It’s wonderful to see as she was […]

Procrastination Strikes Again!

How do you know your procrastination has gotten out of hand?  I’ll tell you how.  When you write about your need for taking your kids to the eye doctor for an exam and then realize it’s been a YEAR and you still haven’t done it.  I could talk about how […]

Alright, Timeout Everyone!

As someone who is immersed in social media, I’m hyper aware of how much time I spend online.  It’s a lot.  Accessing the internet is something I admittedly do at various times all day long.  It’s among one of the first things I do in the morning and one of […]

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