Celebrate Canada with Wayfair!

*this post is sponsored by Wayfair.ca* I was talking with my mom a while ago and she was gushing over this rug she got for her living room. She is newly retired and really watching her pennies as she and my dad are going on a huge trip to Europe […]

Giving back

Our days are busy and by the end of them it’s time to sink into the couch and turn on the tube. I’m tired. We all are. Making time for extra things is super hard but we try to remember to give back. We aren’t in the position to donate […]

Looking for a special gift for a child?

Did you have a special bear or cuddly toy as a child? I did, it was the sort of inexpensive bear one might find in a gift store in a hospital. Pink fur, plastic eyes. There was nothing special about it really. I brought it to school one day for […]

The Summer of Beer, Music and Automobiles

I cannot believe that summer is nearly over!  Where has the time gone?  Here’s what we did: There are many small towns in Alberta and this summer we drove through a good number of them.  Some have great places to eat and some did not.  Behold the ‘Chef Salad’ my […]

It’s Not All Fun and Games People

This is what happened when I tried to steam some squash and carrots.  I forgot the burner on high and sat down to chat with my hubby while the veggies steamed.  It happens to the best of us.  This fiasco also accompanied the driest crock pot pork roast I’ve ever […]

Back in the Swing

I know it’s been quiet around here lately.  We’ve had so much going on.  SO much.  It’s kind of slowed down a bit and I’m finally feeling like our life will eventually settle back into normal routine. We moved. Attended a Funeral Had visits from my parents (Dad is still […]

Wrestling with Fertility

I was lucky.  When we decided we wanted to be parents we did what you’re supposed to do and 9 months later there was a little baby in our arms.  I realize not everyone has the same experience.  One in six couples in Alberta struggles with infertility and while some […]

Bacon Meatloaf – the Final Chapter

Rob came home from work and said “so, what burned in here?” “Just go look in the kitchen,” I said. He saw the pan and I told him about the Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf and the fire.  He laughed and then ate his dinner and admitted the meatloaf was really, really […]

At Least there was a Bacon Wrapped Bright Side

    I decided to make meatloaf. I’d never made meatloaf before but I knew one thing going in;  I was gonna wrap that bitch in bacon.  Oh yeah baby. I mix up the meat with some onion, celery, carrots, egg, worstershire, bbq sauce, and bread crumbs and form it […]