Shortbread cookie cups with mint chocolate filling!

So here’s the deal. Cupcakes. We’ve seen em, we’ve eaten them, we’ve cursed them. They are a pain in the rear and take forever and they are overkill most of the time. Never mind that they aren’t cheap to make if you do them well with buttercream and the whole shebang. And don’t get me […]

Go-to pizza dough recipe

I’ve referred to this recipe in past posts but I use it so often that I thought it deserved a page of it’s own. This is my go-to pizza dough recipe. I come back to it again and again with great results. It’s easy to make with a stand mixer, a bread machine or by […]

Pineapple Coconut Muffins

It never hurts to have one more muffin recipe in your repertoire, right?  Especially as we move towards summer and meal times are flexible and snacks for kids who play outside all day in the sprinkler are pretty important.  I don’t know about your kids, but when mine are hungry it becomes a dire situation. […]

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Nothing gets me more excited for summer’s bounty than discovering that first batch of spring rhubarb at the farmer’s market.  Spring rhubarb means that exciting things are happening; the sun is shining, the dirt is awake and nourishing, the frost is gone and we’re off to the races! It’s still pretty early and the stalks […]

Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

One of my most favorite things about writing here is sharing recipes with you.  New ones.  Old favorites.  There’s something about being able to share those ideas with friends – it really feels nice.  Like you’re able to help someone else find a new favorite, or give someone an idea that might work in their […]

Berry Lemon Baked Oatmeal

Every week since I posted about the Peaches and Cream baked oatmeal for Table Talk, we have had a baked oatmeal dish of some sort for Sunday brunch.  I am not exaggerating.  Every.  Week. We look forward to it all week long.  We tease each other over who will get the last spoonful.  I made […]