Teacher Appreciation Gift Printable

Can you taste it?  Summer freedom is just around the corner.  No more lunches to pack or permission slips to sign.  No more homework, no more books and you’ll earn zero dirty looks from the teacher if you end the year with this beauty of a teacher appreciation gift.  I decided to make this free […]

Coffee Bar Free Printable Art

I recently aquired a new coffee maker.  I had one of those single pod machines prior and it served me well but I was ready to graduate to something that offered more choice.  I no longer wished to be at the mercy of the pod makers in terms of beans.  I wanted to be able […]

Twelve Lovey Dovey Colouring Pages – Free!

I know it gets dicey this time of year what with the gift buying and the stocking stuffing and let’s never mind all the political stuff that’s flying around right now. Things are down right depressing when you think about humanity and all that we have witnessed of late. So, I thought I’d share this […]

Gracious Words – Free Printable

I recently came across proverbs 16:24 which reads: “Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bone” and I instantly connected with the phrase.  How could I not?  I’m a wordy individual with a fondness for bees after all.  I read it a few times, letting it roll around […]