PR Blackout ~ I'll be participating

PR Blackout
PR Blackout

Sometimes I post things that aren’t necessarily about me or creativity.  Sometimes I post things that maybe highlight a company or product I believe in, or a person I believe in.  Sometimes I post giveaways because I think it’s a great way to have a little fun and maybe shoot one of my loyal readers a prize.  These types of posts typically originate from a PR rep contacting me and pitching me their client or their clients product.

Let me say that at times,  it can get a little overwhelming.  There’s the rep to keep in contact, the posts to write, the info to gather.  Sometimes there’s a product to test and review.  And I’m the kind of blogger who doesn’t do a lot of these kinds of posts.  Maybe once  a month I’ll host a giveaway.  Maybe once a month I’ll review a product.  But it is still a lot of work.  I can’t imagine how a straight up review blogger keeps on top of things.

I started wondering if it’s worth it to me to post these things.  I started to think that maybe I’d turf them all out the window and write purely about my Little H and my creativitiy and what ever else I wanted.

Then I squashed that idea because I got a pitch in my email that was on target and I thought it would be a shame to not share the info with you. You’ll see that post sometime in the future.  Moments after,  I got a pitch for organic applesauce and thought there’s no way on this earth that my readers want me to write about applesauce.  They can get that info at food blogs, or green blogs or maybe they don’t want it at all.

Here’s what I’m going to do about the crazyness.  I’m going to join the girls at MomDot in their PR blackout and for one week I’ll not be posting any pitches, giveaways or press releases.  For one week I’ll take things back to basics and interact with you, my readers, as best as possible – without worrying about moderating giveaway comments or whatever PR related task I would normally spend time on.  What do you think?




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