Summer Reading

I’ve been horrible with reading lately!  I really love to read novels but it’s one of the many balls in the air right now. It’s just so hard to find the time for all the things I enjoy to do. But,  I’ve recently picked up Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth and am hoping to plow through it while I’m on holidays.  I’ve never read anything from Mr. Follett but I know he has a huge following and receives great reviews so what better time to check out his work right?  What are you reading?  Any recommendations for summer reading you’d like to share?  Maybe I can squeeze in two books this vacation!



  1. I am reading Broken Music by Sting. It’s his memoirs. I absolutely love it. I love his music and song writing so this is a wonderful extension of that. It’s great to know about his upbringing and what creative influences he had. It is really inspiring me and also motivating me to continue to do creative things with my kids. My kids are very musical so who knows, maybe I’m raising the next Stings, LOL!

  2. I finished Pillars of the Earth about a month ago and my husband is reading it now. It was good, but not as good as I had hoped. I think I expected too much after hearing such rave reviews. Right now, I’m reading “The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder”. I’m only on chapter 5, but it is a good summer read so far.

  3. I just finished reading Jane Eyre — I love both the story and the physical book. It is a 1943 Random House edition with illustrations by Fritz Eichenberg (part of set — the other book is Wuthering Heights). I love old books — the printing, illustrations, etc. If you saw the film “Definitely, Maybe” (2008 Ryan Reynolds, Abigail Breslin) that’s the lost book that April’s dad gave her before he died. I just started Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (quick read). I’ll start Pillars of the Earth after that — my husband has been after me for awhile to read it.

  4. I think I read this many years ago. I actually don’t remember…I love historical fiction though so maybe I’ll get it from the library and read it again. I’m almost done with the current book I am reading (it takes me months to read a book..even though I read it daily).

  5. If you finish Pillars of the the Earth and enjoy it, you should definitely read World Without End (the follow on Ken Follet wrote many years later). I really enjoyed both of them. If you like these family saga/histories, you should also try Edward Rutherfurd. I’ve read London and Sarum (the later set in Sarum/Salisbury/Stonehenge area). They were brilliant. He has some others too which I might get on to sometime 🙂 Happy summer/autumn reading.

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