Psycho Mom Blogger? Me?

Like many bloggers I use a utility to track my web traffic.  It gives me some insight as to where my visitors are coming from and what key words they use when searching the all powerful Google for a creative mom blog like this one.  These key words are often quite humorous.  This?  This takes the cake.  I’m afraid these visitors were severely disappointed and I’m going to have to up the ‘psycho’ content around here.

See, not only am I getting several hits from these keywords but at the time of this post, Maternal Spark is coming up as the #5 result for those words.  The day I noticed all this I was #2.  From here on out I vow to shoot for that #1 spot.  Why wouldn’t I want to be the most psycho of the mom bloggers? I found all this so hilarious I actually thought about re-branding the site.  Don’t you think being the psycho mom blogger would be fun?  It would open so many hysterical gateways.  I wouldn’t just be crazy or odd or weird.  I’d be freakin psycho people.  PSYCHO!  I mean, look at me.  I already have a look in my eye, don’t I?

Heather ~ the Psycho mom blogger.  Watch out!!
Heather ~ the Psycho mom blogger. Watch out!!



  1. You ever see the vlog I did where I used the eee eee eee noise from Psycho to help “illustrate” my story? I totally hear that sound effect in my mind right now. True story.

    Not that you’re psycho, or anything. Not in the least. Uh. No way, man. Just the word put it there.


    Eee eee eee!


  2. That is too funny. When I first saw your title in the email I thought you had caused a kerfuffle somewhere. LOL.

    You’re gonna have to tell me about this utility you use so I can see what people are searching when they get me.

  3. LOL That is so funny. My most searched topic is a blog I wrote about my daughter giving herself a hickey. You would not believe how many people google ‘how to give myself a hickey’! It’s nuts!! Or perhaps it’s psycho!

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