See what I'm dealing with here?

Hubby always jokes about why he keeps me around.  I’m not very domesticated and host great disdain for things like laundry, dishes, cooking… know, wifey things.  But it goes both ways and today I have evidence.  I put up with a lot from him too.  Case. In. Point.  For those who don’t recognize this right away, it’s a screen shot from Facebook.



  1. That’s funny. I’ll be starting the potty training with my 2nd son soon, and I’ve been dragging my feet a bit bc of things like that! Made me laugh though.

  2. I have to stop my daughter from trying to empty her potty herself. She tries to bring me the little pot and would spill it all over her if I let her do it. Now I think she knows better, but it’s still gross!

  3. That is really funny….and gross. my girls were big fans of me putting blue food coloring in the potty, and then they could turn it green by peeing on it. I know waaaaay gross, but it was fun

  4. Okay, but is she really that far off? I’ve seen SO many parents stick their fingers in the back of their kids poopy diaper to check the “level” as it were.

    I prefer the sniff-check ANY DAY!

  5. LMAO! Is this what I have to look forward to? We are just starting to do some “potty awareness training” which basically involves letting him have accidents so he starts to know when he needs to go…and a lot more laundry for me!

  6. While my son is the one in the midst of potty training, my daughter is obsessed with the toilet. Like, if the bathroom door is open, she makes a bee line for the toilet. Her only goal is sticking her tiny fingers in the toilet. And, when she can’t get into the big potty, she settles for trying to manipulate my son’s training potty. EWWWWW!! Gross.
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Sleeping Through the Night: Let’s Talk All About Baby =-.

    • Oh man! I’m sort of glad someone else is dealing with these same issues. haha! Her newest thing is to stick her head into the toilet bowl as she flushes. Grosses me right out. At this time in my life, Lysol is my best friend!

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