Three years ago our lives were instantly changed and our focus became clear. We learned that functioning on no sleep and no energy was a gift. We learned that personal sacrifice makes us stronger and better people. We learned what exactly it was in life that was missing and making us feel fragmented.

We learned that sometimes we can’t possibly know what is important in life until there is the threat that it will disappear.

We learned what love really means. We learned what pain really is. We learned that life is better because of those lessons.

Thank you. Because you are the one responsible for teaching us all of these things. You are the one who showed us that falling exhausted into bed at 9pm is the sign of a full and meaningful life. Thank you for being spunky and bright and full of energy when we are not. Thank you for making us laugh and cry and love.
Thank you.

My baby isn't a baby any longer



    • She has gotten big. And yes, this really is a fun age. Some of the things she says are so hysterical!

  1. What a cutie! But I see trouble sparkling in those little eyes … watch out! 🙂 Great note – save it for her baby file and she can read it when she’s a teenager, feeling teenager angst.

    • My aren’t you perceptive! Yes, trouble is right. I’m scared as to what she’s going to scheme up with her little brother once he makes his appearance!

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