Calgary is Hot for Bloggers – Read the Top 10 Local Blogs.

As someone who has always been, let’s say, a bit of a loner…  well, maybe loner isn’t the right word –  it’s more introversion than anything. Loner implies some sort of social anxiety and awkwardness which isn’t the case with me.  I’m ok in social situations it’s just that I prefer to be in quiet places with few people.


Anyway, I thought it would be fun to put together a post about the blogging scene in Calgary.  Because this is one instance where I’m not the only one who is squirreled away in her basement hiding from the children in the dark and pounding on a keyboard.  There are quite a few of us here in Cow Town.  And not only are there quite a few of us – there are some damn good ones too.  So, rambling aside here are your Best Bloggers in Calgary!

Ironic Mom

I love Leanne Shirtliffe’s stoic sense of humor.  Her tagline – ‘if you can’t laugh at yourself, laugh at your kids’ gives you a very good idea of what you’ll find at her blog.  Leanne runs a weekly meme called Whiteboard Wednesday where she confesses uttered phrases she wishes she could erase from history. Funny.  Real. Engaging.  You’ll love her.

Dinner with Julie

Julie is the food and nutrition columnist on the Calgary Eyeopener on CBC Radio One, a contributor to an online cooking series, Good Bite, and co-host of a TV cooking show (It’s Just Food on Viva Network.)  This blog is her personal grab bag of recipes.

Calgary Daddy and Calgary Rants

A political blogger turned father, Shane shares parenting moments from a Dads perspective on his Daddy Blog  and rants his way through Cow Town on Calgary Rants.  Shane says his intent is to be as lighthearted and sarcastic as possible.  Gotta love that!

Red Writing Hood

Heather Cook, also known as the Writing Mother, shares her life on her newly re-branded blog Red Writing Hood.  I’ve been reading Heather for about two years now so that tells you a little about how solid her work is.  She’s here to stay folks – go get to know her.

Mon Petit Amour

Morgan’s blog is a feast for the eyes as she shares not only her daily life as a mom but also her love of beautiful things.  This blogger writes about her crafty endeavors and her love of Etsy.  You’ll also find a few prizes to be won.

Net Chick

Tanya’s about page states ‘I don’t like peas, and I avoid pork at all costs.’  Obviously this woman is an enigma and not only that she’s a Gemini to boot so what you find here can be anything from rants to details on her travels.  She’s fun, opinionated and smart.  My kinda chick!

That Artist Woman

Another crafty blog that makes me twinge inside at what might have been had I the crafty ability I wished I had.  Her pages are full of fun ideas and lovely pictures.  Check it out and get inspired.


A rare gem of a music blog featuring as you might have guessed…slow and acoustic sounds. From the about page – Slowcoustic is a blog about the unhurried side of Americana/Alt-Country/Folk/Indie/Down-Tempo music. I loved the post on the top Canadian albums for 2010.

Craving Cupcakes

Angela is a twenty something (sigh, I haven’t been twenty anything for a while now) foodie posting yummy pics and recipes on her well established blog.  Peanut Butter Oatmeal Choc Chip Cookies? Yes please!

Blair’s Girls

A Mom Blog that also posts a Zombie thought of the day?  Sign me up.  What else can I say about it…what else needs to be said.  Nada. Just go read it.

Also, this post inspired me to make an rss aggregation site so you have a place to keep up on all this content. Check it out



  1. I’m honoured (with the “u”, of course)! And I’m moderately embarrassed that I’ve never visited half of these, so I will be ASAP. And, by the way, three words I’ve never said in a row are “rss aggregation site” – but I’m going to try to work them into a conversation tomorrow. Thankfully, I know what it is. Thanks for putting that together!

    • Ha! If you can work them into a conversation without people giving you the hairy eyeball I’ll be impressed. I may write a lot of things here, but I don’t know that I’d ever utter them out loud. My nerd flag only flies so high 😉

  2. I was going to fill out the request form at your Best Calgary Blogs, but I live just north of Airdrie. It would be dishonest to say I’m still a Calgarian!
    I’ve enjoyed browsing through your list of Calgary blogs and have added a few of them to my feed reader.
    I thought it was interesting that you said you are a loner (introvert.) I wonder if that is a trait that many of us bloggers share. I’ll have to do a blog post and pose that question!

  3. This is fantastic, I know that things have maybe changed since this post – but I have been looking for some awesome local bloggers! Thank you!

    • Hi Shanna! Yes, things have certainly changed. But there are still some great blogs in the list 😀


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