Motherhood – Round II

baby N 3 months

It’s been three months since I became a mom for the second time and I am marveling at how different this experience is compared to when we first brought home little H.

There was no adjustment to being home from work – because the experience wasn’t new to me.

There was no adjustment to becoming a mother – because I already was one.

There was no adjustment to instantly having a heart so full and busting with love  – because it was already overflowing.

This time, I’m much more relaxed and at ease with everything around me. It could be because baby N is a very different personality from his big sister.  He eats voraciously and sleeps when the mood strikes him.  He’s happy to lounge in his bouncy chair and watch.  He is predicable in his needs and they are simple and few.

It could be because I’m more at ease with myself and the expectations of myself.  I trust in my instincts which are usually right and I don’t sweat the small stuff.

It could be because this time around there were no complications at birth, no NICU stay, no infections, no antibiotics, no thrush, no doubt, no massive and I mean MASSIVE sleep deprivation.

It could be because, even though I had a repeat c-section, I took way fewer pain killers and was out of the hospital in 24 hours.  We were home and ready to settle into some type of routine right away.  And even though my blood pressure stayed a little high – I was confident that all was well.

And it is.



  1. I’m so glad that it’s going well for you! Little N is adorable! Bringing my twins home was also SO much easier than my 1st single baby. The 2nd time around is much easier I think.

  2. I wanted to have a second child, preferably a little girl. But things never quite worked out and then my wife got pretty sick. I’m very happy to have my son but I’m sure I did have more love to give. And I wonder now how the experience would have been different. Very I imagine.

    • Charles your comment made me catch my breath. I’m very blessed, thank you for causing me to stop and appreciate it.

  3. I totally agree with you! I know that my experience with Jillian were a bit different since she had a NICU stay and complicated medical problems. When we finally got to take Jillian home, I felt SO much better than I did with Lauren. I was really worried about the transition!

  4. The second time around was definitely a lot easier for me too. With my first I had a C-section and with my other three I did not, so that alone made things much easier.

    So glad you are getting to enjoy motherhood so much more the second time around!

  5. Life is so much less stressful when all is well with they baby. My first had issues so he never slept. The second slept all night and like you said was so content just hanging out. I too am glad the second time around was so much better.

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