The Last Time

It’s been a long time since I’ve attempted to do any creative writing.  I miss it but it’s something I have resigned to miss for a little while – at least until Little H starts school.  When I had her I wrote a few pieces about becoming a mom and they are very special to me.  I started to feel bad that I don’t have any writing about baby N.  So I wrote something.  It’s obvious that I’m a bit rusty in the non-blog related writing and this piece needs some revising but I thought it would be fun to share it here in  it’s raw form.  Here goes….

My Last


The Last Time

Moments slip quickly through my fingers, float to the ground and are lost, becoming memories.

Some will linger and some will be forgotten but they all have you to thank.

You are the one who ensures they exist who marks them and gives them presence.

The last time I felt stirrings from within, it was you stretching your limbs.

The last time I gave someone life, it was you wailing your way into the world.

The last time I gave someone a name, I gave you yours my Nathan.

The last time I become a mother, I became a mother to you.






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  1. I love your last line. Having twins, I never really had that experience (or many) consciously. It was just all at once and overwhelming. They were my alpha and omega. Gorgeous eyes, that N.

    • I can’t imagine having two at once. Overwhelming must be and understatement…at least it would be for me. You’re my hero!

  2. That is so sweet and so sad to someone like me who is all done having babies of my own. Sometimes I miss having a little baby, but they I look at how full my life already is and those thoughts go away. You are a great writer!

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