How to Make Your Very Own Birdie Lamp

I really really fell in love with these cute birdcages I found.  They are designed for outdoor decor ( I think this one is supposed to have a plant put inside it) but I thought it would be super cute hanging in my living room.  And if I was going to have it in my living room then why not make it useful?  Right?

So I made it into a lamp!  A cute birdie lamp!

Here’s my DIY Lighting Project:


First, to make a birdcage lamp, you need to find a birdcage.  The one I picked was under $20 and had a hanging hook already in place.

You’ll also need a lamp kit.

This is a hanging one specifically and includes the chain, electrical assembly and cord. It was also under $20 and I bought it at a big box hardware store in the lighting section.

Then grab some light gauge floral wire and twist a loop into it.

You’ll need the free ends to be long enough to span across the top of your cage.

attach the wire across the top of your cage.  It’s not complicated, but you want the loop to be in the center.

This is what you’ll hang your light bulb off of.

Once you have that in place then open up one of the chain links just above the light bulb and hang it on the loop.

Close up your chain link.  Your light kit is now affixed to your cage.

I know this is DIY Lighting 101, but I didn’t like the look of the bare bulb so I made a diffuser out of some craft paper.  I just lined the cage with it.  Hang it from the ceiling and add a ribbon to the pull chain so it’s long enough to reach and you’re all done!  I also found some tulle and wrapped it around the cord and chain at the top of the cage to make it feel less heavy.  You can do as you see fit in that department.

Here it is without the diffuser…cute no?



  1. That is a very cute lamp! I love DIY projects that make use of old items that may not be used otherwise. Great for the environment to make a regular practice of this. Personally, I like the look of the lamp with the diffuser, but that’s just me. If you wanted to scent the lamp too, you could add a couple of drops of essential oil to the light bulb too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute. What makes it so bad is I saw some really cute bird cages in Lowe’s. I was thinking boy those would be cute as something… But I couldn’t think of what. Now you have this cute little idea that’s easy and beautiful. You’re so creative. I don’t have anywhere where that would look good in my place, but I’ll always remember it just in case. And if I do make it, I’ll be sure to take all the credit for the idea. LOL…

    Great post!

  3. Hey I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do this with out electrical work because I don’t own my house (rent). But my baby room is bird theme and I have one bird cage that has some butterflies that change color (LED) that I inserted. I have another one on the other side of her crib and I would love to do something like this bc her room is dim and I feel this will help illuminate it… So I guess my question is whether you have any pointers for me?

    • Hi Jessica! I used a lamp kit that plugs into any outlet (no need to hard wire it) you can find them at any hardware store in the lighting department and I even think Ikea has them. Use a low wattage one so your light won’t be too bright for baby. I think a nursery is the perfect application for a birdie cage lamp! Just make sure that the hanging cord / cage will be out of reach of your little one once baby starts standing and reaching for things. Good luck and I’d love to see a pic if you make a lamp!


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