Life with Cats

If you’ve been reading a while then you’ll know – we’re a cat family (we have a dog too…but she’s got an identity crisis happening and I’m sure she thinks she’s a cat!)

The whole family is involved, my inlaws have cats, my parents have cats…we’re most definitely cat people. While we were away visiting on Vancouver Island a funny cat story happened and so I thought I’d share it here.

My mom and dad have the most obese, ornery and adorable orange cat named Pekoe (like the tea).  He is 26 pounds.  Yes.  That’s more than my rather large 10 month old weighs (I think….they could be on even terms now).  Pekoe has really unique fur.  It’s very light and wispy like cobwebs almost.  It floats in the air.  It sticks to everything.  Doesn’t matter how much cleaning you do, turn around and the Pekoe fur is back on every surface.

We joke that everywhere my parents travel, a little bit of Pekoe’s cat hair goes with them.

I’m sure his fur has ‘blessed’ a great part of the world in his 12 or so years of life.

Here he is in all his glory.

So anyway, me and the kids and my mom and my sister went out for gelato.  I was getting the kids settled at a table and my mom was getting our gelato.  She hands Little H her cup and me my cone.

I couldn’t help but laugh because perched on top of it was a single, spiderweb like, Pekoe hair.  Like the proverbial cherry, this cat hair sat a top my gelato cone and caught the light just so – just enough for me to see it.  I plucked it off and mowed down on the cone (which was delicious!)

Two stores down we see this mug for sale.  How fitting – and SO TRUE!


Click image to Read More about the Mug

There’s my cat joke for today!



  1. Ha ha, my sister had a cat that I think is even larger than this one. Really nasty thing, but beautiful fur. Took up the width of her hallway, and dared you to go around her. Hated the thing.

  2. Pekoe looks so snuggly!!! I love a huge cat, but my hubby is allergic so I’ve been brainwashed and turned into a doggy mom. That is a hilarious story!

  3. That is so sweet!

    Though I am more of a dog lover, but I guess everyone who is a pet lover would have the same feelings, whether it is for a dog or cat! And yes, my dog is a part of our family in the real sense- he does everything that we do!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. He’s a Maine Coon. My Dad has one, Thomas, who looks exactly like Pekoe and also weighs 26 lbs, but he is only 4 years old. They’re a very large breed, we had no idea when he was a kitten since we got him from a shelter, that he is a pure breed that can be very expensive if they’re bred and sold. Love them!

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