Happy Birthday Baby N!

You’re one.  One whole year old. You love splashing in the tub and going to the swimming pool.  When someone says ‘hello’ or ‘you’re such a cutie!‘ you put your head on my shoulder and give them a coy smile.

You have lots of fun pushing the buttons on the tv to turn it on and off even though everyone always tells you ‘no.’

Most of them time you’re happy and sweet but you do have a temper and you’ll throw a toy down in frustration only to pick it up and throw it again…you need to make your point.

You aren’t picky about food as long as it’s not ‘baby’ food and we let you feed yourself.  You do love your soother and your toy cars. You have started walking and are trying really hard to say your big sisters name.

Before you were born I had no idea how you would fit in with our little family but now it feels like you’ve always been with us.  It’s only been a year yet it seems you’ve been here with me for ages.  I suppose you have been, you were in my heart and I just didn’t know it.  Happy birthday Nate.  Your first year has been a joy and no matter how many birthdays we celebrate – you’ll always be my baby boy.

I love you.




    • babies tend to do that, I smile every day. I’m glad you still remember your son as a baby…I hope I always will too.

  1. Happy Birthday Nate.. Happy Memories Mom and Dad!! What a cutie!! Hope you have a great day and a wonderful year in front of you!!

  2. He really is darling Heather! It’s a love/hate thing when they turn one. I love seeing them become who they are going to be but then on the flip side…they aren’t babies anymore. Those eyes of his are gorgeous.

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