New White Coca-Cola Can Design to Support WWF

You know those commercials with the Polar Bears drinking Coke?  The ones that come out right before Christmas?  Yeah you do…they’re cute, they’re classically Coca-Cola and they never fail to bring a smile.

Well, Coke has become so enamoured with the Polar Bears that have graced their holiday advertising that they’ve teamed up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and started The “Arctic Home” campaign.  By turning their iconic Red Cola cans white, they will help raise awareness and funds to support the WWF’s efforts to protect the polar bear and their Arctic habitat.

With nearly two-thirds of the world’s polar bears living in Canada, this Arctic species is an important part of our ecosystem and culture. Coca-Cola will contribute $2 million to WWF over the next five years, and through the “Arctic Home” campaign, will match consumer donations made by March 15, 2012, up to $1 million USD. Canadians can visit to make their donation. Funds raised will go toward WWF’s conservation efforts to protect polar bear habitats – for their survival today and into the future.

“This campaign is about working together to save one of the most important places on Earth,” said Gerald Butts, President and CEO of World Wildlife Fund. “As sea ice continues to melt at alarming rates, polar bears and local communities alike are threatened. With Coca-Cola’s support, we can expand our reach and impact to help chart a sustainable future for this critical Arctic ecosystem.”

On, visitors can explore, experience and learn about the polar bear and its Arctic home. They can watch video chats with WWF scientists, track virtual polar bear sightings, and make donations online.



Coca-Cola Ltd.


You know, I’ve posted before about how much ‘stuff’ we have accumulated in this house and how I’m constantly trying to declutter. I know I’m not the only one who struggles with purging unused items from their living spaces. Maybe this year I’ll encourage people to donate to a good cause instead of buying me something that will sit in a closet or cupboard taking up space.

Aside from buying for the kids it’s getting increasingly hard to buy for my family members – nobody needs anything (we’re lucky to be so blessed!) yet every year I wander around the mall wracking my brain to find something they might like. I’m starting to think making a difference for our Canadian Wilderness might be a much better way to spend some holiday dollars.

Have you ever done a donation in lieu of a gift? Was it well received?

Coca-Cola Ltd.



  1. Its nice to see a major company finally helping out with the polar bear situation up there. I feel like its been swept under the carpet. Hopefully this campaign can make a difference.

  2. It’s always nice to see companies giving back. It’s getting to be the same way with gifts in our family. No one really needs stuff anymore, so we’ve been sending money the last few years to let the families we give gifts to decide how they need to spend it with the crappy economy and all.

  3. That can is gorgeous. I love the polar bears. I’ve never made a donation in lieu of gifts, but we do donate to several organizations. We’ve really cut back on gifting period. On my mom’s side, we draw names. Other than that, we only exchange gifts with my parents and my in laws.

    I’d love to have people donate to a cause instead of buying birthday gifts for my kids, but people think I’m crazy when I say that so I’m scared to even try it out.

  4. Love those new cans – Polar Bears have a soft spot in my heart because I grew up in Manitoba where many of them live.

    As for donations in lieu of gifts, my parents and in-laws always appreciated that – but I will admit my siblings and nieces/nephews…not so much, LOL!

  5. What a hoax. People will fall for anything. This polar bear stuff has been debunked so many times its a wonder that people are still falling for it. Well, not really, there are a world full of suckers out there. All you have to say is in endangered and, *poof*, you’ve got a new movement for the fools of the world.

    For your enjoyment: link removed

    • well, the Alaskan Polar Bear is still under threatened status and in Canada (which is what this is about – Canadian Polar bears)the bears often wander into human civilizations and are killed because of it. I don’t see the harm in preventative measures to keep them off the endangered list. Helping the planet is never a bad thing is it?

    • in a world where Kim Kardashian blows Ten Million on a wedding that ends in a heartbeat – I don’t care, as long as the money goes towards something worth while.

  6. I love the new cans and I agree. Just because someone feels the cause is not as worthwhile as another cause, doesn’t mean it isn’t something worth contributing to. If Rich hates the polar bears, let him. The rest of us can buy adorable cans and help make sure that this beautiful creature is around for years to come.


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