The Cake – A Photo Story

My baby boy really really loves these little Tonka Chuck toy cars and so we just had to put one on his birthday cake.  I kept it pretty simple and clean looking.  I wasn’t pleased with my fondant this time and I think it might have been because the marshmallows were a little stale.  It was a bit tough and wouldn’t roll out very well…and it had a lot of bubbles in it.  Good thing the guest of honor didn’t really care!


Here he is with his pretty good sized piece of cake.  He had no idea what it was but that didn’t stop him from diving in.  This boy likes his food.  See how cute and clean he is?  Oh, and he’s spotting a nice sized bruise on his noggin.  Baby’s always bonk their heads right before mom wants to take a gazzilion pictures of them don’t they?


He flipped the piece over so it was fondant side down and picked all the cake off.  Then, what else was he to do but pick it up and mow down on that last bit?  You could literally see his eyes light up when the sugar kicked in.

I’d say the Tonka Chuck Birthday Cake was a hit!  He loved the marshmallow fondant the best and there really wasn’t much on the ground when he was done.  His face was another matter….



* I have NO affiliation with Tonka or their parent company.  My kid just likes em.  Gee….why all the suspicion?  😉



  1. The cake turned out REALLY cute!

    My boys sat in my lap this morning just laughing at Nate eating his cake. Having it all over his face and they love the fact that my Nathan has the same name as your Nathan. It really made our morning.

  2. Wow, that year went quickly! How cute: the cake and the big boy. You did a great job.

    Oh, yup, they always have an injury when you want to take pictures. And I love your disclosure. LOL


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