The Calgary Herald Shows Bloggers a Good Time

The Calgary Herald has launched a new Opinion Portal showcasing the top blogs in the city.  To celebrate, included bloggers were invited to a meet and greet at Heritage Park’s Gasoline Alley.  It was an informal event with plenty to eat and drink and I had a blast meeting people I’d been ‘reading’ for a long time.


The room at Heritage Park was absolutely gorgeous and staff there served up some really yummy eats.  They even had a baked brie that was the size of, ohhhhhhhh, a small human.  I arrived with the lovely Samantha and had loads of fun chatting with Heather, Dana, Catherine, Leanne, John, Morgan, Merry and many many others.

Thanks to Tom and the rest of the Calgary Herald crew, who were quite fun, for putting this all together.  I’m happy to be a part of it.

If you’re a Calgary blogger and would like to be included, you are more than welcome to send your link to the team…click on the link at top right of their Opinions page.



edited to add – Oh!  Forgot to send a huge thanks to Dana who won a wine related door prize and as she’s expecting – she donated it to me…because…well…it’s kind of my thing.  So THANK YOU Dana!  Can’t believe I forgot to thank you….Thank you!!!





  1. Hi,

    I’m wondering if that is the Selkirk Grille Gallery Room?

    Just trying to plan a function and I really like the look of this room!!


    • I went back in my emails and it was the Founder’s Lounge. Really though, I’ve been to several functions at Heritage park and there isn’t a bad room in the place. I’m sure they could accommodate your wishes.

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