What is Wrong with Me?

I seem to have lost something...

What is wrong with me?

I’m staring at my blogging dashboard with the urge to write yet nothing to really write about and I look to my drafts folder just to see what’s there.  The words ‘What is wrong with me?’ are staring back. Strong and stark, they ask me this puzzling question. I don’t remember writing the title to this draft post and I don’t remember what the draft might’ve been about so I click on it and discover it’s blank.

‘What is wrong with me?’

What could I have possibly meant the post to mean?

What could I have had on my mind the day I clicked ‘Add New’ and typed these words?

It’s funny to think I’ll never know.  I’ll never know what I felt WAS wrong with me – and something had to have been for me to decide it warranted an entire blog post for it.

Now, with the reason for the post forgotten and the thing that was wrong with me forgotten too, it’s like I’m healed of past wounds. Wounds that may never existed or maybe I’m delusional and something really IS wrong with me.  It seems something must be wrong and I’ve decided to ignore it because that seems like something I would do.  Start a post about something being wrong only to squash it in it’s tracks so I don’t have to know the thing that is bothering me.  Things aren’t really real until you put them on the internet right? HA!

Wow, something must be wrong with me.  Look at what I’m putting myself through.

Emotional turmoil for want of a completed blog post.

Oh look.  I guess this is close enough. I wrote didn’t I?  I put some thoughts ‘out there’ didn’t I?

I suppose I should be satisfied and get some sleep now.

But tell me.

What is wrong with YOU?



    • I can’t force it either and I usually don’t sweat it….but this time I have the desire to write. Usually when I get like this it’s because I don’t ‘feel like it’ but right now I do – yet nada.

  1. I have felt the same way lately! I have so many empty drafts, whats up with that? I feel lost and I have no direction. Hopefully the mojo fairy will visit us both soon!

  2. Ummm, you really don’t want to look at the drafts I have in my dashboard. Some of them are half written, some are just titles…I used to blog daily, get a ton of comments and I was FUNNY. Like truly funny and sarcastic. Now it’s all blah. And the comments? Slim & none.

    How about this, I’ll figure out what’s wrong with you and you figure out what’s wrong with me? Deal?

  3. We all go through this stage. Atleast I find myself opening my blog WANTING to post something but I feel the topics are just to varied to pick out something and write about. What demotivates me is that the topics I choose are so overused that I feel there is no reason to stress the same things again and again. However, when I chose a creative writing piece this time, WOW, lol, I can tell you the words magically came out like flowing water. I found I din’t have to think too much. Every sentence I wrote, my mind was already planning how the storyboard would be. 2.5 hours later, i found myself staring at one of my best works ever. So jsut let imagination take control Its all up there. you jsut have to find the zeal and motivation to let the words come out of you.

    Please do check out my post. I would love to hear what you thought about it. :))


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