Things that make you go *facepalm*

OK.  First things first.  I love my husband.  He’s an amazing man and father and he’s wonderful to us all.  I am so blessed to have a man that loads and unloads the dishwasher.  This post is in no way a ‘slam’ on my guy.  OK?

Now, look at this picture.  This is an EXACT representation of the differences between my husband and I.  It’s a creepy voyeristic look inside our marriage. It explains pretty much everything. I am an organizer.  I like things to be ‘just so.’  And he does stuff like this that makes me go a little ‘twitchy’ pretty much every day.



#1 – Everyone knows that when you nest bowls you need to do so with the large ones on the bottom and the smaller ones inside.  It provides stability so the stack doesn’t topple over.

#2 – The little plates love each other…why keep them apart?

#3 – Just like the little plates, the bowls are in love too. Forcing them to spend time apart might make their hearts grow fonder for each other if, you know, they actually had hearts.

#4 – When you make a sandwich you put it on a plate.  You do not make a plate sandwich with bowls as the meat.  It’s just weird.

#5 – I am not mentioning the grocery bags that are resting on the floor of our broom closet instead of being neatly tucked inside the bag holder thingy in the same closet.  Right there.  Above where you dropped them all.  Oooops, I totally mentioned it.

#6 – I realize this entire post makes me seem insane.  I figured, that’s what you come here for.



  1. LOL That all sounds about right except my husband just pulls out a dish and says “where do you want this?” and does it with ever single dish .. which I think led to his plan of annoying me so much that I’d never ask him to unload the dishwasher ever again.

  2. I love the post! I, too have a rational, reasoned way to organize my kitchen. Ok. I have a slightly OCD way to organize my kitchen. My small plates co-habit joyfully with my small plates, my bowls nest in a size-diminishing pile, my pots and pans each have their own niche where they abide with their respective lids… My spices are alphabetized. But we don’t need to go there. I do not have the problem that you have because my husband does NOT load or unload the dishwasher. Or carry his dishes to the kitchen and, come to think of it, neither do my kids with any regularity. Which can be an irritation, but it would probably be more irritating if they jumbled up my system all the time.

    No, my problem is when his parents come to visit. They mean well. My mother-in-law is a dear. And very helpful. Especially in the kitchen. Takes weeks to find anything after they have been here. In fact, I haven’t seen my 4 cup glass measuring cup since their last visit in July! It’s large. Not something that could be put in the wrong drawer. I have finally given up and bought a new one.

    You have my sympathies. I am sure I would go mad if someone was mucking stuff up all the time instead of just a few times a year.

  3. LOL…you are no the only insane one. I’m a complete organization freak too, but my hubby doesn’t follow my protocol! I’ll find things in the weirdest places sometimes. Then hubby will say, “why don’t you just tell me where it goes.” Ummm…I told you 500 times before and you still get it wrong!

    • there seems to be something wrong with either the ‘listening’ function or the ‘gives a rats ass’ function of our men.

  4. My house is exactly the opposite. My husband is an organization freak and I am the crazy one who puts things all willy-nilly. The thing is, I usually can’t remember where I put them later and end up having to search high and low to find that darn wok!

  5. It’s almost worse at my house because my 17-year-old daughter is the one who “does” the dishes and she crams any dish in any place it will fit. Period. In any order it happens to come out of the dishwater in. (She washes by hand). But I definitely do relate! It drives me nuts.

    Great post, Heather. You made me smile. Big.

  6. LOL! I am totally on your side here. I have to put up with my children putting things where they don’t belong. My youngest kids sorta get the dishes put away in the right places, but I’m training them so hopefully they won’t drive anyone else crazy. My oldest mostly does it right, but now that she has her own place she sometimes forgets where things go here. Hey, at least you didn’t have to do it yourself. Oh, by the way, I love the pictures with annotations. 😀

  7. This note made me burst out laughing. Our dishwasher isn’t working currently so I have the wonderful job of doing dishes manually. I have a wonderful husband that’s more than happy to help dry them. But, with drying comes putting them away.. and next time I will take pictures and we can compare! I watch, cringe and go as fast as I can, so I can thank him with all my heart for his help, shush him off happily to his computer, so I can “make lunches” .. meaning, go through all the cupboards to re-sort everything! Your pictures made me ‘twitch’ too!! I could almost hear the dishes crashing down when the door is opened!! Love our husbands, love their good intentions.. but REALLY wish they could see sizes and how things fit well together. Maybe we should stack dishes on a work bench, betcha then they’d all be in order!! LOL

  8. You’re not insane. I’m the same way — and my husband is the same way as yours.

    It drives me batshit crazy.

    For example, when putting glasses away, the taller ones go in back and shorter ones in the front. Everything fits nicely and you can see what’s in the cabinet. Can my husband, who has a very analytical mind, by the way, figure this out? NOPE. He just throws things in the cabinets willy-nilly.

    Things get broken that way. And things get lost that way. Do they not know that we have enough chaos in our lives with being stay-at-home-moms and don’t need to deal with opening a cabinet expecting something to be in it’s place and it’s not???

    We need to start a husband training school. We’ll be rich! Rich, I tell ya! 😀

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