He got the Whack. I got the Wake Up Call.

Pick up your socks.

Don’t play with your juice.

Stop throwing that ball.

Put it away.

Make your bed and remember to hide your pjs.

Pick up that towel.

Put it in the laundry basket.

Don’t make a mess with your breakfast.

No, we aren’t doing a craft today.

Stop whining.

Mommy is wiping the sink because you got toothpaste all over it…again.

Put that away.

Hurry up, we have to go.

Stop playing around and just put your shoes on.

Why is your coat on the floor?

Come on, we have to go.

No, you don’t need your umbrella.

Hurry up, your brother and I are waiting.


I scoop my crying baby up into my arms and watch the purple line on his forehead morph into a dark goose egg.  He may have been the one receiving a bump on the head but I feel like I got one too.  We were on our way out the door for the 100th time this week and I’ve done nothing but hurl orders at my oldest.  My youngest is so tired he can barely function and he’s whacked his head pretty hard. I’m not feeling very great about my mothering as of late. This house needs to sell fast(er).

For everyone’s sake.

I made them their favorite dinner and didn’t worry about how much of a mess it would make for me to clean up.  During that meal, I didn’t have to nag anyone to eat.  We all needed that too.


Yes he has a toque on and yes, it's May.



  1. It is nice that you wrote this… that you are able to (even if it takes a wack on the head) see what is happening and to be able to slow down and breath and take some time to just love on your kids. Those are the times that will matter. Life gets crazy for everyone.. being able to slow down and see what is happening and make some changes is hard. Way to go!

    • Thanks Michelle 🙂 Writing helps me process it all in ways I don’t even know. Turning something from ‘crap that happened to me’ into something ‘someone else can read and relate to’ makes it all make sense for me too.

  2. Poor little dude. There’ve been many a moment that all mom’s feel like our mothering skills are lacking. But they are fleeting, you’re a great mom! And he won’t remember this – no scar. 🙂

  3. Awwwwww, poor little dude. House selling is the worst and when you have to get out of the house and it ends up being a battle that just makes everything more crappy. I felt like a bad mom a lot too, its so frustrating.

  4. Poor little guy! If it makes you feel any better, when Ro was about a year old and still in the infant carrier (CA law is 1 yr AND 20 lbs. – she wasn’t 20 pounds yet), I set her on the couch as I was undoing her straps to take her out of the seat. Just as I was done releasing the latch, the cat came sprinting behind my legs, knocking me off-balance just as Ro decided to pop her skinny but OUT of the car seat (she hated that thing).

    Our house had tile floors. Guess where she landed, car seat and all face first? YEP. That was a trip to the urgent care, fear I would have CPS called on me and that she had seriously cracked her skull. That was fun. Funny enough, we found out our kid has the hardest head known to man. She barely had a goose egg and it was just the faintest shade of green. It was gone within two days.

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