5 Wall Treatments to End Boring Walls Forever.

Until now, I’ve been immersed in the process of selling our home.  It’s not fun.  It’s cleaning and organizing and schedule disruptions but it does lead to the fun part…house BUYING!  I absolutely love looking at houses.  I love seeing how other people live and I adore getting decorating ideas.  The best places for decorating ideas are show homes.  Every thing is new and pretty and while they imply that kids could live there….kids don’t actually live there.   It’s like looking into a dream world.  A laundry room without dirty socks on the floor.  A bathroom without toothpaste in the sink.  A kitchen without safety locks!

This past weekend Sam and I organized a Social Media ‘tweetup’ to celebrate the grand opening of the show homes in Williamstown (Airdrie).  I snapped soooooo many pictures because the homes were just so well done.  I was particularly drawn to the wall treatments.  I have officially decided that I’m in love with wall paper and MUST have some in our new house.

Here are the wall treatments I loved most.  They were warm.  They were textural and they were beautiful.  I hope these wall treatments from the Williamstown show homes can inspire you too and if you’re local you should head out there and have a look at them in person!


This was a beautiful wall paper.  It had just the right sheen to inspire life and brightness in the room.  Don’t you adore the little window bench too?  This was used in a dining area.  Loved it.


window seat


Here’s another dining area with a completely different look.  It was upscale and formal.  The wall paper made this room.


dining room wall paper

This was a mural rather than a paper and it almost makes me want to decorate another nursery….almost.  Isn’t a woodland theme perfect for a gender neutral room?

woodland nursery mural

I love love LOVE glass tile.  It’s chic, clean, textural and glamorous.  I think it adds so much to a kitchen back splash and if you use it sparingly it won’t break the bank either.  I must have some.

kitchen glass tile

This wall was so impressive I could hardly stand it.  This stone facing ran the whole length of the wall and it was used in a basement ‘man cave’ type room.  It brought so much interest to the space and if you needed it to, it could cover a multitude of sins.

stone wall treatment

Here’s a larger image of that wall…gasp!  It adds so much interest doesn’t it?

I have loads more photos and I wish I could share them all with you but I’d be resizing into next year.  You really should just go out there and have a walk through the show homes if you can.  It’s such a lovely way to spend a weekend afternoon….I should know, I’ve been house hunting for weeks now!  Oh and if you do head to Airdrie, make sure you have a look at the 66 acres of green space as well as the amenities centre.  Williamstown would be a lovely place to live.






  1. The walls really stood out for me too. I was caught off guard by the wallpaper, but left with a renewed vision. Our Master Bedroom needs sprucing up- perhaps I’ll go this route.

  2. I am not a wallpaper fan but I liked the woodland one for a kids room. I LOVE LOVE LOVE stone though and I would have brick/stone walls all over the place. I love looking at show homes too but I always have to pee and it’s so awkward.

    • yes, and Williamstown is like a small town within a small town. Really liked the feel of this community 🙂

  3. Wow, those are so beautiful. I’ve always wanted a window seat/bench. Now you have me thinking about that. LOL… I love interesting walls. I’ve done a lot of wall decals around here since I’m in an apartment now. That way it can be easily removed without damage. I think once I finish the one in my room it will look much like a mural. I’m getting all excited all over again. 🙂 Great post.

  4. I love the first one. After Matt installed the beadboard in our house, we found out that there is actually a wall paper you can use instead that is so much cheaper and looks just like the real thing!

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