Back in the Swing

I know it’s been quiet around here lately.  We’ve had so much going on.  SO much.  It’s kind of slowed down a bit and I’m finally feeling like our life will eventually settle back into normal routine.

We moved.

Attended a Funeral

Had visits from my parents (Dad is still here)

Celebrated our Little H’s 5th Birthday (pics to come).

Saw the end of Pre-School and Soccer.


Rode out a summer head cold.

I mean, talk about emotional overload eh?  It’s no wonder I came to the end of the day and clammed up, grabbed a book and curled into bed most nights.  We still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do, but all of our new furniture deliveries are complete now and that makes me very, very happy.

I’m loving this new house.  There’s so much more space and so many more possibilities for fun decorating ideas.  My mind is spinning and I can’t wait to get things going so I can share it all with you. So far we’re working with an earthy color pallet and things are very cozy and calm (well, color-wise anyhow.)

PLUS next week I’ll be heading to Chinook mall to see a live taping of Cityline!  I’m so excited!  I’m willing my mind to become a sponge and soak up what Kimberly Seldon, Brian Gluckstein and Sharon Grech have to say.  I’ve been watching Cityline for YEARS and have always loved Home Day.  Tracy Moore is hosting right here in Calgary and you’ll be able to view the episode on July 5th 10am on CityTV.

Dude, how gorgeous is Tracy?



  1. You have had a lot on your plate lately, but wow going to see Cityline. With all of the great people that are going to be on the show there. Tracey has been talking about this for awhile on Cityline (as you well know). Sounds like it will be a fantastic time. I have always wanted to go myself and maybe someday I will be able. We do live in Ontario but not near Toronto. Please let us know what it is like to go to one of the Cityline shows. Oh yes Tracey is gorgeous and seems so bubbly. You must be so excited.

  2. Good for you. Having a new home to play with is always so much fun isn’t it. The color palette you have, did you use some sort of online tool for it? Thanks

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