When SALE Pricing Just isn’t a Good Deal for Anyone.

Oh Sears.  I can’t say I’m very happy with you right now.  Back on Dec 2nd, we ordered a lovely electric fireplace to hang on our bedroom wall.  Our sales person was sweet and helpful.  We understood we had to order it in – it wasn’t in stock.  We were told two weeks.  Then there was a mix up which I clearly take responsibility for – my cell phone number changed (on the 13th) so I didn’t get your message. The fireplace was sent ‘back’ we were told.  Not sure where that is.  Now, here we are on the 26th where I’m trying to track this thing down and nobody can find it.  It’s lost.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a Christmas present for one of my kids. (Edit Dec 27th – I have the fireplace now…they found it and called me to come pick it up. )

This incident I could forgive – I was a part of the confusion too. Until today when I went in to the store where I bought it to try and figure out what was going on and I saw this:

sears fake sale

This is the sign I saw today advertising the ‘Sears Boxing Day Sale‘.  This is saying that people who buy today will save $100 off the regular price of $849.  Now, I understand pricing fluctuates over time due to supply and demand etc etc.  Except here’s what I paid just less than a month ago.  Also ‘on sale.’

our sears purchase

In case you can’t make it out.  The ‘regular price’ when I purchased was $599 and it was also ‘on sale’ at the time I bought – $100 off.  I paid $499 plus tax.

Looks like the boxing day ‘deals’ aren’t such deals after all?  I sincerely hope this is a case of the manufacturer increasing their pricing to Sears – or what I bought was a price on old stock.  I hope so…..

I currently have a Sears.ca affiliate account – meaning, if you bought something after clicking through to them from Home to Heather, I’d earn commission.  I’ll be deleting that account (not that I’ve used it much or ever earned a commission.)  I’m just shocked to see this.  I understand wanting to have great pricing on boxing day and drawing in a shopping crowd.  But this just doesn’t seem right.  Am I the only one who is shocked to see higher pricing today?

I’m hoping this post will help people to realize that special event pricing still needs to be shopped around.  Do your research online and make sure you’re really getting a deal when they tell you you are.



  1. Always Always shop around… almost all “sales” prices have been jacked up. I fell for the after holiday “sale” on these dumb candies I love for halloween… before halloween they were 2 for a $1 so after the holiday when I saw a half price sign on them I just guessed I would be getting 4 for a $1 but they had upped the price to .75 cents each. I did none of my Christmas shopping there this year

    • I don’t want to falsely accuse them of being shady….it could be a legit increase…but it doesn’t smell that great from here either!

  2. That is crazy! Reminds me of when my dad was recently visiting another country last week and saw a lady selling oranges. The oranges were 25 cents a piece or 3 for a dollar. People were buying 3 for a dollar and thinking they were getting a good deal. Funny thing is, the lady selling oranges really thought she was giving a good deal too. Sears should be smarter than this.

  3. Oh my word!! I’ve heard of furniture stores doing this. I cannot believe Sears increased the price by more than just a few dollars – that is over $200 difference. I’d love to hear what Sears has to say. Like you, I bet there is a logical explanation…..yikes.

  4. O yes, this is very common. I worked in retail when I was younger and learned the clothing game pretty quickly. If I just waited till the end of the quarter that $200 jacket would almost always drop to well under $100. I wanted to tell customers the secret but I would have been fired.


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