Dear Diary

I had a brief facebook convo with Kim from What’s that Smell yesterday and we were commenting on how we used to write just from the heart, about every day life and now, we rarely do.  While I’m loving what has become and I’m loving the food and DIY projects so much, I do kinda miss those times were I was just journaling, really.  Just writing for me.  And so now, once in a while, I’ll do a post that’s just that.  I won’t force it to fit into a category or worry about google finding it or all that other stuff I do to promote my other posts.  These will just be simple posts of my thoughts.  You know, the way I used to blog.  Here goes….

Dear Diary:

Kindergarten is something I don’t remember much of from my own childhood so I’m reliving it through my daughter.  It’s WEIRD.  I mean, some of the stuff they do is just plain strange, and I suppose it helps the kids learn faster, easier, better but frig.  For instance, she had two class parties this week.  The first was a 100 days party where they celebrated the first 100 days of school.  Fine, they learn how big 100 is and how to count by tens but get this – they celebrated by making a 100 days stew.  Where each kid counted out 100 pieces of food (raisins, cheerios, marshmallows…) and then each kid brought that in and they mixed it all up together and ate it at snack time.  Gross.  And then today was their Valentines day party.  It’s not good enough to give just cards anymore…now most of the kids are also giving candy.  So she’s had way, way more candy this week than she’s normally allowed and as I type this, she’s calling out in her sleep with the second vivid dream of the evening.  Likely induced by all the red food dye she’s ingested.  Double Gross.

I’m feeling like I’m standing still these days, like all the days are mashing together  into one big mess of sameness.  Especially when my husband is out of town and I”m parenting solo.  The routine is getting to me, and while it’s good we have a pretty rock solid routine, I find that it doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity and thinking outside the box and creativity and forward movement.  I guess I need to set time aside to map out some goals and get working on where I want to end up.

Speaking of moving, I’m still working out on a regular basis.  I’m down a pants size and eating well and feeling pretty good about things.  I’m on the wagon and not getting off yet.  Yay me.

Back to Kindergarten.  My child had her parent / teacher conference this week and there were many nice things said about her.  But then the teacher told her that when she’s drawing she needs to slow down and focus on details.  Like how we wouldn’t ever color a cloud purple because clouds aren’t purple.  I bit my tongue so hard.  Why shouldn’t a Kindergarten kid be able to color the clouds whatever freakin color she wants to?  Because she’s supposed to follow direction I suppose.  She’s suppose to get with the program and become a good student who does what’s ‘normal.’  I didn’t like that….this is my reminder to tell Hannah she can color her clouds at school white, but at home they can be rainbows if she wants them to be.  Gee…way to mold creative thinkers eh?

Ok.  I guess that’s it for now.  Time for bed.  Goodnight.



  1. I agree on all the school stuff. Clouds should be rainbow- it would be amazing!

    We’ll shake up the routine this summer- no moving, older kids – there will be lots of fun and exploration. Once it is officially Spring we can start planning…whenever that is.

  2. Great post Heather…love the journaling idea. I agree, Kindergarten can be a little hard to handle from the parent’s end. I’ve had some comments about my son in kindergarten how he doesn’t do this or doesn’t do that properly….he’s only 5 people, it’s not university!

    • you know that saying ‘you learn something new everyday’ … well, this is my thing for today. I had no idea that Kindergarten is a ‘new’ish thing 🙂

  3. My kids both came home with a ton of candy. I felt quite inadequate. It’s so freaking commercialized.

    I too have this routine going on and nothing seems to be spontaneous. Zombieland. Part of it is because I have so much to do that nothing gets done so there is no room for anything extra.

    Great job on the weight loss!

    I’m not sure how I would have handled the purple cloud thing. I might have gotten ignorant. Abby is totally a purple cloud girl, she will never conform, it’s not in her nature. But it’s not a bad thing. She can follow directions, understand rules, but when it comes to creativity she definitely stands out. And to stifle that at such a young age is really sad.

  4. It is sad and also annoying that it’s contradictory to everything I’d taught her until now. I sort of wish they’d go over more of the curriculum with parents so we can be aware of these things. And then I don’t wish it…because that would be brutal lol.

  5. They do the same thing with our kindergarten, too. They have to color things the color they are “supposed” to be – doesn’t leave much room for imagination, huh? Our 100th day celebration is bumped up to next week because we had some snow days. It was supposed to be yesterday, though.

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